What to Serve with Stroganoff? The Answer You Need is Right Here!

Beef Stroganoff has been the go-to comfort food for many people. Some say that the dish originated from Russia, but despite its origin, a lot of Americans are enjoying this dish.

But with its meaty and flavorful taste, some people prefer pairing it with a side dish that can balance off or at least, tame the flavor. But what to serve with stroganoff? What is the kind of side dish that would go well with this dish? This article will tell you the answer that you are looking for!

What is Beef Stroganoff?

If you are not familiar with what dish this is, beef stroganoff is a traditional Russian dish that is made up of sautéed beef pieces with a sour cream sauce or Smetana as Russians would like to call it. The sauce also contains a few seasonings and mushrooms.

The dish gives off a meaty, creamy and flavorful taste which many people find hard to resist. To whip up the dish, many people prefer using beef tenderloins to give it an amazing tenderness.

There are also plenty of ways on how you can cook this dish. You can cook it on the stove, a crockpot, and even, an oven. The best thing that people like about this dish is that it is quite versatile-you can pair it with just about everything!

To know how to make beef stroganoff, check out this video:

What to Serve with Stroganoff?

The traditional way of serving Stroganoff is over pasta, but these days, there are already plenty of variations and side dish ideas that have come to play. If you are a die-hard stroganoff lover, then you most probably wish to know what other side dishes are suitable for this dish. Well, here are some of them:




This is the closest thing that comes close to pasta. The neutral taste of the rice is good enough to balance the flavor of the stroganoff. The creamy sauce perfectly envelopes the hot white rice which will surely make you crave for more.

Of course, plain rice would suffice, but if you wish to take your rice and stroganoff to a higher level, you may want to go for garlic rice.

Egg Noodles


If you love the neutral taste of carbohydrate-rich side dish but without the calories, try going for egg noodles. It tastes very much like a pasta dish, but it contains lesser carbohydrates. The noodles are comprised mostly of flour and egg.

If you do not have a pasta maker, you can simply whip up this type of noodle using a pizza cutter.

Braised Red Cabbage



But if you are on a diet, you may wish to steer away from rice because the beef and sauce in itself already contain high amounts of calories. With that in mind, the perfect side dish option for you is no other than a vegetable side dish and cabbage is the first one on our list.

But instead of going for a dull and boring cabbage dish, a braised one is highly recommended. Try a braised cabbage recipe that contains sugar and apples so it can give off a sweetness that would perfectly complement the creaminess and saltiness of the dish. The best thing about this cabbage dish is that it adds a touch of color that would surely make the stroganoff dish look a lot more appetizing.

Vegetable Salad


Of course, you can also go for greens. If you want to go for a vegetable salad, we suggest that you skip the creamy Caesar salad and go for something tangy or sweet instead. You can go for a vegetable salad with a honey dressing, or you can also try a summer salad that contains fruits.

Steamed Beans

steamed-beans 2

If you are looking for something light and healthy, steamed beans would most certainly do. You may also add corn if you wish to boost your fiber intake.

Sauteed Potatoes


It seems as if the best pairings for a beef stroganoff are dishes that are rich in carbohydrates. If you are not worried about your calorie consumption, then another amazing side dish idea to try would be sautéed potatoes.

You do not have to put too many seasonings on the potatoes because the beef dish is already flavorful in itself.

Garlic Bread


Turning beef stroganoff into a sandwich has become popular quite recently. It has been a big hit for many because the bread goes well with the flavor of stroganoff. But if you do not want to turn your stroganoff into a sandwich, the next best thing that you can do is pair it with garlic bread.



Beef stroganoff is one of the most flavorful beef dishes there are. But it is best paired with a few side dishes so the flavor and saltiness will be balanced. What to serve with stroganoff? Apparently, you have lots of choices-bread, rice, pasta, and vegetables!

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