What Is Draught Beer?


Beer is inarguably one of the most popular beverages around the world. Even though it is commonly sold in bars where people sit to make merry or discuss business, people have it in their fridges and kitchen counters all the time nowadays.

However, there are various kinds of beer, specifically depending on the ingredients they are made from and the companies that make them. Beer can also be bottled, can, or stored in a pressurized barrel and served into glasses from a tap, which is where draught beer comes in.


Well, draught beer, which is the main focus of this article, is different from other beers in several ways. So what exactly is draught beer? Better yet, is draught beer better than bottled beer or is the opposite true? What are some of the important things you should know about it as a beer lover? Here are some pointers that seek to answer these questions for you.

The Name

Draught beer, pronounced as “draft beer”, is not just any kind of beer. It is a beer that is served from pressurized containers: a cask or keg via a tap. In the past, long before modernity, beer was stored and served from the barrel and it is until the 20th century that draught beer began being served from pressurized containers. The name draught originated from the word “Dragan”, which means pull or draw, and has since been known all around the world.

Draught Beer Is Of High Quality

Many avid drinkers of draft beer argue that it is more flavorsome as compared to beer served from bottles due to various reasons. The last thing you’d want to have is oxidized beer because it’s flat and loses its taste. For one, the sealing of the pressurized cask is said to reduce the level of oxygen in the beverage, which is one of the reasons behind the freshness an increased flavor in draught beer.

Draught Beer Is Of High Quality

Another thing that often tampers with the quality of beer is its exposure to excess sunlight. This reduces the shelf life of beer, and having it in a steel keg helps a lot. Also, the sense of smell while taking a drink is very important as it enhances the taste, and since you have to drink it using a glass, draught beer gives you a great experience of taste and smell as your take you sips gently and enjoy every moment of it.


Having known how draught beer is served, it’s shelf-life is highly determined by the beer’s packaging and a bar’s sanitation. If carbonation and cleanliness are not observed, they are likely to tamper with the shelf-life of draught beer. Cleaning has to be done regularly to prevent the development of mold and bacteria, which are harmful to the beer, as well as its consumers.

Also worth noting, is the fact that unlike bottled beer, draught beer is mostly unpasteurized. And the fact that it is served from keg increases the chances of its perishability. In other words, the shelf-life of draft (draught) beer is limited in a way and the golden rule, therefore, is that once opened, it should be consumed within 3 days if you want it fresh. To ensure that draught beer is served in its best quality, bars should:

  • Store in a cool place far from where sunlight can reach and refrigerate it as well to a standard temperature of 120C.
  • Have your beer settle for at least 24 hrs after transportation before you serve to your clients to avoid too much foam.
  • Always maintain cleanliness to prevent contamination.


Draught beer has gained a lot of popularity and is becoming a favorite of many. Generally, draught beer is bought at a faster rate, which means that you will most likely consume it fresh. Did you know that draught beer could have some health benefits? Perhaps not.

But here is the thing: when draught beer is consumed in limited amounts, it can help in preventing kidney stones and reducing the risk of heart disease. Minimal amounts are also thought to help improve blood pressure and boost cardiovascular health.

Draught beer

In summary, draught beer has won people’s hearts and its high demand in countries such as China and India will see it make great sales in the coming years. The draught beer industry will keep growing as long as the quality of beer will keep improving to attract more drinkers. What you need to be careful about is the amount of draught beer you consume so you don’t end up experiencing the negative side effects that come with it.

Source: Martini House

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