9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

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Businesses in the hospitality sector must prepare for the drop in temperatures when the cold weather starts. There may arise many problems due to the extreme cold that interrupt restaurant operations. As a restaurant owner, you should start thinking about how the winter season can impact your business. You can prepare your restaurant for winter when you plan. And if you are very clever, your restaurant business will continue to thrive even in colder months. The big question is: How can you make this happen? We have compiled useful tips that will help you prepare your restaurant for winter.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Properly Insulate Your Pipes

Pipes freeze and after that burst when the temperatures are very low. This can lead to loss of water and potential flooding. In turn, you will be left with a heft bill as a restaurant owner. You must properly insulate your pipes if you want to prevent this. It is advisable to insulate the pipes especially if your restaurant is located in unheated areas. Pipes in these areas are more likely to freeze. Both hot and cold water pipes should be insulated.

Pipe insulation will take some time and effort if you don’t have the skills. That’s why you should consider contacting a reputable contractor to help you take care of this. They will advise what pipes to insulate, and the task will be done right away.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Prepare Your Sprinkler System

Besides preparing your pipes for winter, it is also essential to prepare your sprinkler system. It is advisable to maintain the fire sprinkler system regularly. So, the fire sprinkler system will be ready once the winter arrives. You don’t have to worry about freezing lines if your system is properly maintained and installed.

There are two types of sprinkler systems which are dry and wet. Maintenance and preparation of these systems mainly depend on the system you have installed. Pipes have water running through them in wet systems. On the other hand, dry systems have pressurized air. The primary function of pressurized air is to prevent water from flowing through the lines.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Parking Lot Maintenance 

It is necessary to maintain your parking lot more often. Maintaining the parking lot includes several activities such as paving and filling potholes. You should also reseal the lot before the first snowfall. By this, you will have extended the life of your parking lot while still increasing the level of safety. Better yet, you will receive a lot of appreciation from your customers since the parking lot will not ruin their tires. Also, you will have more issues if you fail to maintain your parking lot.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Secure a Contract for Snow and Ice Removal

You would not only want to maintain your parking lot before winter, but you also want to have a snow removal contract. In the contract, you should indicate the specific areas you want them to plow. In that case, you should direct the contractor to plow in your parking lot. What if your parking lot is on the smaller side? Discuss with them on removing the snow from the property. You will end up keeping the parking lot open for customers while at the same time increasing your profits.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Sidewalk Safety

Always ask the contractor to keep the sidewalks and walkways clean and free of snow when discussing snow removal contracts. It has been discovered that slips and falls are the number one major cause of restaurant accidents. Most of these accidents occur on level surfaces. So, you should try your best to minimize the number of accidents. Additionally, you should have shovels and salt in case things worsen.

Indoor Floor Safety

Customer’s shoes bring snow or rain when they enter your establishment. This makes the floors slippery. To prevent accidents, you can add mats at the entrance of your establishment. Another thing you should not forget is placing caution signs or cones. This will warn customers that the area is slippery.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Prepare For Power Outages

There are more possibilities of power outages in winter. Every restaurant owner would want to prevent power outages because they cause wastage of food and losses. But it is good to have a plan in case there is an outage. The best way to prepare yourself is to purchase a generator. A generator is one of the most crucial things every restaurant should have in winter times. Also, the generator can be used to power refrigerators and emergency lights. Additionally, it is useful for operating other kitchen equipment.

Backup generators ensure that your food is at the optimum temperature. Employees in the restaurant should be aware of the temperature danger zones if they can’t power their refrigerators. This ensures that all food is handled in the right manner.

What if purchasing a generator is not in your budget? You can partner with a reliable company that provides heating solutions. This will keep your customers comfortable if the power goes out.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Inspect Your HVAC System

HVAC is another system in a restaurant that should be inspected regularly. This ensures that your system is always working. Regular maintenance means that you won’t have system failure in the future. The main essence of having your HVAC inspected is to know whether it is operating efficiently.

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Control the Heat in Your Kitchen

It is important to control the temperatures in your kitchen now that the temperature has cooled down. Heat in the kitchen will result in an increase in heat in the dining room. Already the kitchen is hot because of the kitchen equipment. You can purchase a portable AC unit to prevent heat in the kitchen from becoming unbearable. Alternatively, you can install a zone heating system although they are very expensive.

We know that it is difficult to adjust the operations in your restaurant. However, it is a must if you want your restaurant to thrive during winter. As you prepare your restaurant for winter, it is important to look for a reputable snow plowing company like Larry Dore and Associates. Also, you can contact them for Commercial Snow Removal in Sunbury, OH.

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