7 Essential Tips for HVAC in Your Restaurant 

Essential Tips for HVAC in your Restaurant 3

It is said that restaurants require 2.5 times more power per square foot when compared to other commercial buildings. The biggest percentage of that energy is used on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. In most restaurants, HVAC is behind food prep when it comes to energy savings. As a restaurant owner, you can agree with me that investing in a reliable HVAC system will be great for those people who want to save money while at the same time guarding against any energy price.

Your business will be more sustainable when you consider applying a modern-day HVAC system. Also, it will be cost-efficient. It is worth noting that you don’t need many changes to notice savings. A degree increase in cooling thermostat translates to a 5% decrease in energy usage. You will the costs by more than 15% if you set the thermostat three degrees higher. So, what are the essential tips for HVAC in your restaurant? Let’s take a look.

Essential Tips for HVAC in your Restaurant 3

7 Tips for HVAC in Your Restaurant

1. Adopting a Well Sized HVAC Unit

Do you know that at least 30% of every HVAC system is oversized? According to a statement that was released to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, such an HVAC system is not working at peak effectiveness. This not only causes wear and tear but also increased energy costs. The right-sized unit will lower costs. Also, it will greatly enhance the life expectancy of the machine. In turn, this will lessen emissions.

Rebates on energy efficiency HVAC can make more capable units easier. The presence of new equipment means that you will save for many years to come. Remember to ask whether your HVAC contractor has Air Conditioning Contractors of America sizing practices. With this, they will be able to determine the correct sized equipment.

Essential Tips for HVAC in your Restaurant

2. Keep the Patio Heaters Off When You Don’t Need Them

A heated patio is alluring for many restaurant customers especially as the weather gets cooler. However, it is quite difficult to heat them naturally. Fortunately, patio heaters are designed to radiate and heat up quickly. That being said, you should keep them off until when you need them. This will decrease energy bills.

3. Apply Programmable Thermostats

The essence of this is to monitor the atmosphere before temperature reduction becomes outsized. Another crucial thing to note is that programmable thermostats always remember to lower HVAC operations. This happens when the restaurant is empty.

Also, a smart thermostat allows you to set a schedule. You will find some thermostats that can be programmed for specific days. If you find one, it can accommodate the more hectic pace of a weekend. Generally, thermostats are designed in a unique way of learning your cooling needs and in turn help you reduce utility costs.

Additionally, the thermostat can be controlled through your smartphone or a smart home device. You can attest that it must be a good investment to pair with an air conditioner. In the end, you will be guaranteed more productive lives when you apply a programmable thermostat.

Essential Tips for HVAC in your Restaurant 4

4. Don’t Forget the Restrooms

Typically, restroom ventilation should run all the time. This means that a slight reduction in energy regulation can have a huge difference. Most modern ventilation fans reduce the running prices by more than 70%. Restaurants benefit from ventilation equipment. It is important to note that cooking produces a lot of heat. This is a major factor in elevated humidity levels. A professional HVAC contractor like KB A/C & Heating LLC will install a makeup air unit. This unit replaces the air pulled through the exhaust system. If this device is not installed, the temperature might fluctuate as the air quantity changes.

5. Remember to Shut it Down if You are Not Using It

You might have heating resources in the kitchen that are operating even when they are not required. Keep in mind that such heating resources generate heat that your HVAC system will have to neutralize. It is advisable to shut down the program. This ensures your equipment is not working overtime. You can end up saving more than $600 a year if you shut down the single heater.

6. Get Honest Advice on the Best HVAC Unit

Most heating and cooling companies partner with just one brand. Such companies will push you to purchase a specific HVAC unit even if they are not right for your home. They do that because that is what they sell and install. In contrast, a reputable company like KB A/C & Heating LLC install multiple models of air conditioners. Therefore, we always give the most honest evaluation of the best HVAC system for your home.

Essential Tips for HVAC in your Restaurant 2

7. Cost Matters

It can be a terrible mistake picking an air conditioner or furnace based on the sticker price alone. That is the worst way to think about things since the real cost of an HVAC system is mostly evaluated when it becomes faulty. What does this mean? Let us say you buy a cheaper air conditioner that saves you more than $3,000 when compared to a costly model. In that case, you might think you have the best deal. But things will become worse when you know that the air conditioner requires regular repairs. Cheap is expensive. Such type of air conditioner might die at an earlier date than the expensive one. That is the reason energy efficiency is an important factor.

You will be paying for the less expensive air conditioner every month when you avoid expensive and high-quality models. With that in mind, you should think about it when purchasing a new HVAC system.

After purchasing the right HVAC system for your house, it should be installed professionally for maximum results. We have experienced professionals who install high-quality HVAC systems in Phoenix, Arizona, and surrounding areas. Also, we go above and beyond to make things easy by providing exceptional services. Therefore, you can trust us and be guaranteed you will have an efficient heating and cooling system.

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