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Things To Prepare For an Intimate House Party

Things To Prepare For an Intimate House Party - Copy

Going out and having a night out on the town is great.

It’s fun, exciting, and meeting new people will never go out of style.

But sometimes an event calls for a night in. Hosting a house party is a wonderful way to get to reacquaint with friends and family. You can even get to know other guests they bring as well.

Things To Prepare For an Intimate House Party - Copy

What’s important in these smaller, more intimate house parties is that it’s kept among friends. Hosting, in and of itself may seem like a daunting task. We may feel the need to clean, hide things, bring out the best silverware, etc.


But with the right prep and follow through, hosting an intimate house party can be stress-free and easy. Here are some things to prepare to make sure the social atmosphere keeps on going.

Food and Refreshments

If you’re having a party at home, time it in the late afternoon or later in the evening, before or after the 3 big meals. This way, you can get away with serving hors d’oeuvres and smaller plates instead of full blown meals.

For a splash of creativity and convenience, a commercial cold press juicer is a tremendous conversation piece as well as a primary source of refreshments. Have glasses set up in advance, having a few more than your expected number of guests but not too much.

Have stickers set up so they know exactly which one belongs to them. There’s nothing worse than reaching for a glass and realizing it’s not yours while the real owner throws a look of disapproval.


Entertainment in these settings should be dictated by the guests. If you’re going to have music playing, set up a speaker and let them go at it. Most people are going to try and connect to your speakers via Bluetooth. Don’t let them.

Entertainment - Copy

Have an auxiliary cord set up so that only one person can play music at a time. If not, you’ll have people coming up to you every 5 minutes saying, “Uh, I can’t connect to the speaker. Can you reset the Bluetooth for me, please?” And that, after the first two times, would get on anybody’s nerves.


Make Sure People Get Home, Safe

Set up provisions in the event that someone gets a bit too intoxicated. If you’re okay with having people over, have sheets ready and a room or couch set up.

If not, make sure everybody has a safe and sober ride, be it a taxi or a rideshare app. Safety is key when sending people home from your party.

We want to make sure that people talk about this for years to come in the most positive light. Also, be sure to have people text you once they get to their homes. It may seem a bit overbearing, but it lets people know that you care. That is the sign of an excellent host.

An intimate house parties are not rocket science. They can be a bit much during the planning stages. But, overall, they’re meant to be light-hearted and fun. As long as you have a bit of food, time the party right, keep them in charge of the music, and make sure everyone gets home safe, you can ensure your night will be heralded as a success.

Joseph P Demars
Joseph P Demars
Joseph P. Demars is a food lover and an entrepreneur who has experienced in running successful restaurants. Joseph lives in Chicago with his adorable family. His wide knowledge, plus his practical skill has helped him earn extraordinary profit from running restaurants.

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