The Thyroid Factor Program Review

The report has it that tons of people (older females especially) from all over the world are going through diverse thyroid issues, with sixty percent of the issues being undetected thyroid issues. Unawareness of this problem can sometimes lead to severe damage to health. Also, this problem attacks both women and men of all ages, although it is more prominent in women of older age.

The major reason why people suffer from undetected thyroid problems is due to the fact that at its early stage, it is barely noticeable and does not show any significant effect on your health, thus it is difficult to pinpoint. Due to the problems raised by thyroid problems, a solution technique (The Thyroid Factor Program) was brought up and is stated to help you in deleting such thyroid issues from your life.

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What Is The Thyroid Factor Program?

The Thyroid Factor is a product that illuminates the relationship between menopausal weight gain and thyroid deficiency. The product shows you the consequences of the thyroid not functioning properly and weight gain issues.

This program offers the solution to both problems simultaneously in its single product. You do not have to rob a bank or exert your bank balance before you can purchase the product as it goes for the sum of 37 dollars and a 60 days money-back guarantee. In addition to all these, the product boasts of delivering its perfect result to you in the space of 21 days as it comes with 4-day circle guidelines that must be adhered to for the best reflection of its result. This program is known for its fast relief of every Thyroid related issue while it also decreases your added fat.

If you use the Thyroid Factor product according to its guidelines, the result will have you feeling healthier and slimmer for your little effort.

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Who Created The Thyroid Factor Program

The founder of this program is Dawn Sylvester. She owns and created the whole program. She is a 57-year-old woman who has helped a lot of ladies out of thyroid-pause and is still helping tons.

For the past decade and a half, she has been studying the reasons for low energy, belly fat, and fatigue in women generally. After successfully getting the most common reason, she moved ahead with providing a solution that is risk-free and success guaranteed. Along the way, she worked with experts from the thyroid and menopause field, as each field plays a role in causing the above symptoms in women.

The main focus of The Thyroid Factor program is women that are 45 years and above as these are the set of women that are usually confronted with an increase in belly fat and thyroid problems. The creation of this product has helped multitudes of women with getting rid of their belly fat and thyroid problem.

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Dawn Sylvester – Thyroid Factor Review

How Does The Thyroid Factor Program Work?

The Thyroid gland plays a very significant role in making the body function properly. When there is an imbalance in the production of thyroid hormones, it leads to issues that are serious and deadly. This imbalance will allow lots of new diseases to manifest in your body. If your thyroid glands do not produce sufficient hormones, this imbalance is also referred to as thyro-pause. After noticing the symptoms arising from the deficiency of your thyroid malfunctioning, and you start following the instructions laid in this program, you will notice the positive changes in your body before the end of the stipulated period. These positive changes are due to the process through which the product will stabilize the production of the thyroid hormones in your body.

The process of stabilizing the body’s thyroid levels will ultimately lead to the decrease of the Excess fat-storing hormones produced by your faulty thyroid gland. In the program, you will also be given a list of diets that have the potential of controlling your body’s fat loss hormones in addition to a new nutrition cycle that will assist in boosting your health while it reduces the risks of falling prey to disease.

What Comes With The Thyroid Factor Program?

This program is made into three guides that are important to the curing of your faulty thyroid glands. These guides are The Thyroid Factor Comprehensive Blueprint Nutrition Strategies, Thyroid Jumpstart Guide, and 101 Thyroid Boosting Foods.

Each of the guides has something different but valuable to contribute to you. These guides are additionally going to commit a healthier life to you if you follow its instructions fervently.

  • The Thyroid Factor Comprehensive Blueprint Nutrition Strategies: Inside this easy-to-read comprehensive thyroid blueprint, the author explained her unique method of nutrition strategies that target women of any age and that can assist you in balancing your body while you naturally increase your energy flow. This phase will also assist you in ending the circle of dangerous and harmful diet habits.

The nutrition strategies are not all that the comprehensive thyroid blueprint nutrition strategies have to offer, it also offers you the benefits of:

  • What you need to know as a woman with low thyroid in order regain your energy and feel better in all ramification
  • The full list of thyroid suppressing foods and how you can avoid them generally
  • How to request the right thyroid lab tests and their benefits
  • The seven thyroid questions you as a woman must ask your doctor
  • The top thyroid support supplements you can take daily and those to avoid
  • Those thyroid Minerals and nutrients that you might be missing out on and how to stimulate their production
  • It also provides you with a 21-day weight loss system.
  • 101 Thyroid Boosting Foods: this amazing guide reveals 101 thyroid-friendly foods, teas, essential oils, herbs, and spices that you need as a woman needs to feel better fast. It provides you with endless choices when it comes to what you are to eat that will assist your thyroid glands in functioning properly fo4lr a healthier lifestyle. It just is not possible to exhaust 101delicious recipes in the space of 21 days.
  • Thyroid Support Quick Start Guide: this program includes following a step-by-step guide on how to begin living the healthy thyroid lifestyle in the easiest, most effective, quickest, and enjoyable way possible. This phase will help you through what you are expected to do in all areas, from which thyroid-suppressing foods to avoid to a thyroid meal plan you can use every time. It helps you to start the weight loss process.


Benefits Of Using The Thyroid Factor Program

There are numerous benefits to using this program that is different from its obvious weight loss and thyroid production. Some of these benefits are:

  • All-Inclusive: This program is suitable for all gender and age. Although it is targeted at women of older age, a man or younger woman using it will also benefit from it. It is not exclusive to an age group.
  • Defeat Harmful Diseases: Numerous diseases can be overcome through the use of this program. One of such major diseases that you can get rid of is thyroid gland deficiency.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: you will get a better and healthier lifestyle due to the use of this product. All the food ingredients listed in it are chemical and risk-free. The food recipes are tasty and will entice you into eating more, which will not cause an increase in your weight as it is all-natural.

Who Should Consider Using The Thyroid Factor Program?

This program is suitable for all ages and sex. However, it is designed to provide gradual relief to older women suffering from Thyroid-Pause as the program was founded by Dawn when she was in her early fifties when it became obvious that older people do not have a cure to the symptoms of thyroid deficiency. This program is sustainable for people in their peak years as it places next-to-no strain on them while they follow its instructions and guidelines.

What Are The Extra Materials You Would Need To Buy Before You Can Get Started On This Program

There is nothing extra that you have to purchase with this product before you can get started. All the items that are required by this program before you start are the things and recipes that are useful for your health. There is no need to get things unnecessarily as everything needed can be gotten from the local stores or groceries near you. You do not need outrageous or insanely expensive items.

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Why You Should Consider This Program When You Have Similar Programs Around

While it is true that you might find many similar products that are parroted to deliver similar results, you might not get a program that offers you the solution to the thyroid issues as well as weight gain problems together. This program is a two-in-one solution provider. It is also affordable and effective.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Thyroid Factor Program

There are several advantages to using this program, and they are:

  • The food recipes that are listed in this product are quite affordable and delicious.
  • The 21-day system will give you rapid and positive results.
  • It comes with a guide that is created by health and fitness experts.
  • You will overcome thyroid issues without having to consume harmful substances.
  • It will also help you in getting rid of your weight gain problems.
  • The Thyroid Factor Program also provides a 60-day money-back policy.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The Thyroid Factor Program

  • It is a digital program. You can not buy it in the physical stores. Only the e-book versions.


You do not have to find a separate solution for your thyroid issues and weight gain problem because the Thyroid Factor has promised to provide you with the solutions to all these issues you are faced with. The Thyroid Factor Program had been tested to be safe and effective. While it was created for women above 45, it is effective for all that are suffering from thyroid issues. The Thyroid Factor targets the belly fat and thyroid gland so that you can defeat the diseases they result in without much stress.

The Thyroid Factor
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The Thyroid Factor is a comprehensive material on thyroid blueprint nutrition strategies for women based on powerful and proven thyroid nutrition techniques and strategies specially designed to help the female body optimize and support the overall effectiveness of your Thyro-Pause hormone at any age.

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