Benefits of Steel Staircase Design for Restaurant 

Steel Staircase Design for Restaurant 2

It is indisputable that a staircase is an integral part of a restaurant. The staircase is used multiple times a day. That’s why they should be in the best condition. It is a fun process when choosing the steel staircase design. The right materials for the staircase should not only be comfortable but also cost-effective. Also, the materials should be aesthetically appealing. Structural steel is one of the most popular materials with such benefits. Many restaurants have structural steel staircases along with other unique components on their buildings.

Steel staircase is an excellent choice because of several reasons that go beyond design and functionality. The steel staircase design is a versatile building material with perks for the environment. We have rounded up the benefits of having a steel staircase design in your restaurant. Let’s have a look.

Steel Staircase Design for Restaurant 3

It Is a Modern Aesthetic

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed numerous trends in modern architecture that lean towards sleek minimalist designs. Nowadays, steel is associated with modern and sophisticated applications. It is worth noting that steel pairs perfectly with glass and other materials. Besides that, steel is an extremely flexible material. This material has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. What does this mean? You can fashion steel to suit the needs of forward-thinking designers. 

Additionally, steel can be finished with several coatings. This opens up the scope of designers to be creative with colors and patterns. 


Steel is made up of iron and other materials. The main reason why structural steel is used in restaurant stairs is that it is an extremely strong metal. Steel staircase design can hold extreme conditions like natural calamities and excessive weight. Steel is five times strong when compared to concrete and timber stairs. So, why should you not use a steel staircase design in your restaurant? This material will never disappoint you.

Steel Staircase Design for Restaurant 2

An Economic Choice

Although structural steel is a favorable material across the board in the construction and design industry, steel is still an affordable material. It is no secret that structural steel is one of the most economic building materials available when you consider versatility and sturdiness. 

You should be guaranteed that raw structural steel is relatively inexpensive. Over the years, steel fabrication has become less labor-intensive. Thanks to the advancement in tools and technology. Both of these factors will help you reduce building costs in your restaurant. 


Steel staircases are made to last long. Unlike other materials, a structural steel staircase does not corrode or expand even after many years. Another crucial thing to note is that steel staircases are free from pests and other damages. They are not affected by drastic climatic change. Besides being rust and corrosion-proof, you will have an easy time maintaining the staircase. You only need to mop your restaurant stairs monthly or weekly basis. This will keep them shining. 

It is the high rigidity and sturdiness that make structural steel a top-quality material in taking any kind of impact. Therefore, you should consider a steel staircase design because they will serve you for decades.

Steel Staircase Design for Restaurant 1

An Environmental Alternative

Felling trees across the world is one of the major contributors to global warming. It has emerged as a demise of our natural environment. It is important to note that a large wooden staircase requires huge amounts of fresh lumber. These are sourced by cutting down trees. The wooden staircase is completely non-recyclable.

On the other hand, steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world. This material has a global recycling rate of more than 60%. That is the reason steel staircase designs are considered the most eco-friendly choice for any restaurant. 


Steel is a malleable material. You can mold and customize this material into any shape and pattern. That being said, steel can be used to create a traditional staircase. Besides, you can mold steel into spiral and other staircase designs. Thanks to the high material versatility and customizable properties. So, this is the right time to get different types of custom staircases for your restaurant with structural steel.

Steel Staircase Design for Restaurant 5

A Reliable Solution

As we said earlier in the article, steel is made up of iron and other components mainly carbon elements. Iron and carbon discourage dislocation at an atomic level. This makes structural steel a prime material for constructing staircases. Additionally, structural steel is non-combustible, unlike wood. Plus, galvanized steel is quite impervious to corrosion. You will love the structural steel staircase since it requires minimal maintenance and care. You can always count on steel.

Creating Unique Designs

You can have any design in your restaurant with structural steel. Steel can be combined and perfectly match with timber or even glass material. This allows you to create real an amazing factor. You can have one built around a large portion of your restaurant. Steel should always be your material of choice if you want an elegant or hard edge design.

Steel Staircase Design for Restaurant 4

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Long term Investment

The steel staircase design is economical as it gets. There is no need to keep on maintaining steel staircases. Therefore, you will never have to replace any structural components. The best thing about steel staircases is that they don’t need painting. This makes them a great long-term investment that will be cost-effective. 

It does not matter what kind of design your restaurant has. The steel staircase design is the ultimate installation that will uplift the prestige of your restaurant. At Pigeon River Custom Metalwork, we have the ability and the expertise to create a wide range of restaurant staircases. Also, we will help you transform your restaurant into something extraordinary. The reason why people choose us is that we build steel staircases design to client specifications. It is the right time to take advantage of our extensive experience in providing professional steelworks. You can contact them if you want to ditch timber and opt for Steel Staircase in Asheville, NC

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