How to Prevent Broken Pipes

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No one would want to deal with the damages and messes caused by broken pipes. So, what is the main cause of these pipes burst? Water coming into your house from the outside is the basic answer to the bursting of pipes. It is good to know that cold water can cause pipe contraction. The reason behind this is that the pipes are unable to withhold the water pressure.

Ice creates excess pressure that causes the pipes to crack. And that is where the problems begin. It is said that one-eighth of an inch crack can release more than 250 liters of water a day. This water can cause property damages.

So, what can you do to avoid broken pipes? We have rounded up several tips that will keep your pipes safe.

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Make Sure that Your Pipes Are Insulated

You might be aware that uninsulated pipes can freeze. This happens even in warmer climates. There are numerous ways to keep those pipes snug. Adding insulation to pipes in your home is one way to prevent broken pipes. You can agree with me that any improvement center comes with foam insulation available for purchase. All that you need is to wrap the foam around the pipe. This will keep the pipes protected from cold temperatures.

Other common options that will keep your pipes warm include using heat tape. Alternatively, you can consider using temperature-controlled heat cables. As you plan to purchase these products, make sure that they have been approved by Underwriters Laboratories. This guarantees you top quality and safety standards.

Allow Your Faucet Drip

Nowadays, people see a dripping faucet as a problem that should be fixed within a short period. However, it is important to allow your faucet to drip. Regular water flow keeps pressure low in the pipes. Typically, low pressure means that there are fewer chances of those pipes bursting.

Seal up Cracks and Leaks

During the winter period, caulk should be your best friend. You would want to keep as much cold air as possible. With that in mind, always have a careful inspection of your house. This will help you determine if there are any air leaks. The main places to look at are those near windows and dryer vents. Once you find these areas, you can go ahead and use caulk to do the trick. It will help you seal those leaks while at the same time keeping out the chill.

Open Those Doors

It is recommended that the interior doors of your house should be open whether you are home or out of town. The heat will move through the house more efficiently. Opening the doors will help heat reach closer to the pipes. This reduces the risk of pipe freezing.

But Keep the Garage Door Closed

Although you may want to keep your house interior doors open, it is advisable to keep your garage door closed. This will be true especially if your pipes are running through the garage. Additionally, remember to keep the cold air off your walls and pipes as much as possible. You will have added an extra layer of protection if you shut down the garage door.

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Watch That Thermostat 

It is advisable to keep the heat set to not lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit if you are heading out of town. Not many people would want to keep the heat on while they are not at home. However, you will save a lot of money in the end. Therefore, keep your house warmer and avoid broken pipes. It is no secret that water damage costs thousands to repair. That is a lot more than the few dollars it might cost on your heating bill.

Shut Off The Water

Shutting off the main water line is another crucial tip if you are away. Also, you should not forget to drain your water system. All water pipes in the house should be empty. Therefore, no water can freeze inside the pipes. The rupture will be a thing of the past. However, this might not be a good option if you have a fire protection system.

Call an Expert Plumber

A professional plumber will help you locate potential pipe bursts. They will prevent that from ever happening. This problem is very common in cold climates. You can end this problem by moving the pipes to a southern wall. Although it is one of the most expensive procedures, it will be the only option if you are affected by broken pipes. Don’t hesitate to call Apex Disaster Management if you have broken pipes in Atlanta.

Water chlorination

The pipes in your home will be perfectly fine for many years. However, these pipes will never last forever. Corrosion in pipes can occur after years of use. This problem mostly occurs in areas where there is hard water. It has been discovered that the pH balance of the water can cause corrosion since the coating of the pipes becomes worn out. This can lead to poisoning which can be very harmful to your health.

Rust and corrosion build-up will narrow your pipes. Eventually, they will burst. The pipe can also become blocked by rust. Although corrosion is inevitable, you can slow it down. You should not worry about corrosion and rust because water chlorination is here to help you. This method works by increasing bacteria in your pipes. Before treating your pipes, you should consult an expert.

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Disconnect your pipes and store them away

There are more possibilities of having a pipe burst if a garden pipe is left. The pipe that one time expanded with ice will cause the pressure in the pipes to build. The best way to go about it is to disconnect the hose from pipes and later store them safely for spring.

It can be stressful and difficult to deal with broken pipes. But you don’t have to worry about that because Apex Disaster Management professionals will take that work off your plate.

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