How to Drink Kahlua to Fully Discover Its Taste

How to Drink Kahlua to Fully Discover Its Taste 1 copy

Kahlua liqueur is appreciated for its rich coffee aroma and strength. This beverage pairs with many other alcoholic drinks perfectly adding specific notes to the taste of the cocktail.

Want to know how to consume it so that this rum-and-coffee aroma and taste could tickle your taste buds?

We know what to advise to you!

How to Drink Kahlua to Fully Discover Its Taste 1 copy

How does it appeared?

Liqueur Kahlua appeared in 1936 when four young Mexicans decided to start their own business. One of them became the ideological inspirer and created the recipe, two others provided first-class coffee, and the fourth managed to transfer the project to commercial rails and start the production of a new drink.

According to one of the versions, the creator of the liqueur, Pedro Domek, named his invention “House of the Akolua People” in honor of the disappeared people of the Mexico City Valley, which sounds like Kahlua in the Aztec language. However, the official website of the company says that the term is taken from the ancient Arabic language and means “coffee”.

In 1994, Pedro Domecq merged with Allied Lyons, and eleven years later, the shares of the company were bought by Pernod Ricard, the largest supplier of alcoholic beverages in the world.

Since 2004, mainly twenty-degree Kahlua has been come to the market, although earlier the liquor had a strength of 26.5%.
For the USA, Canada and Australia, a special variety is provided – Kahlua Especial, which is made from Arabica coffee beans, compared to the usual liqueur, the Especial variety is not so sweet and it is stronger – 36%.

Technology Process

It takes 7 years to make a batch of Kahlua and it takes 6 years to grow the right coffee. The fact is that only special grains are suitable for liqueur, which ripen in the shade, but not in the sun, therefore the process is much slower than under normal conditions. The harvested grains are additionally kept for six months in canvas bags, at which time the manufacturer is creating the alcoholic basis of the drink – rum.

Then rum is infused on coffee beans for 4 weeks, filtered, depending on the recipe, other ingredients are added and the finished drink is bottled.

Kahlua Drinking Culture

This delicious beverage was discovered and originates from sunny Mexica. Since it is made of rum, sugar, and pure arabica, its rich taste adds sweetness to any drink we mix it in. Probably, that is why (and because of its long shelf life) this flavorous alcoholic drink has become so widespread yet it is rather expensive.

Mexican coffee liqueur goes well with milk, cream, coffee and coconut milk. Depending on personal preference, it can be drunk with ice, added to coffee or tea, poured over ice cream, brownie (chocolate cake), sweet pies.

Today, several variations of the original drink exist: you can find a very strong beverage with the taste of espresso, the one with the flavor of dark chocolate and vanilla, and one more flavored with fried hazelnut.

Surprisingly, but many people think Kahlua is only consumed by drinking it – as it is or as a part of different cocktails. But in fact, this liqueur has way more areas of use!

In particular, this beverage is a frequent ingredient in many popular desserts, for instance, ice cream, cheesecakes, and cakes. It is known that people often serve it with cream or milk, add to cocoa, coffee, or a cup of strong black tea.

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But how to drink Kahlua correctly? Shall it be blended with other beverages or not? Well, you have several options.

Mixing it with cocktails

This is one of the most popular variants. You can, for instance, fill a glass with ice cubes, pour halfway Kahlua in it, and stir to chill the drink. Remember to sprinkle it with the orange zest to jazz it up.

Nevertheless, it mixes perfectly with various beverages, too. For instance, vodka, Irish cream liqueur, rum, etc.

Make shooters

No matter whether you are going to have a home party or you just want to treat yourself with a shot of something strong and tasty, this Mexican beverage will be handy.

For instance, you could practice and try to prepare a famous B-52 shot made of Kahlua, cream, and orange liqueurs. The trick is that the drinks must be mixed correctly to create that striped layered texture but we guess you won/t be disappointed if it doesn’t work from the very first time!

Another option is to blend together equal parts of Kahlua and Irish cream topping it with a generous dollop of whipped cream.

Be creative

Liqueurs are not only for drinking! If that is your motto, too, then feel free to experiment and add this sweet and super delicious drink to various goodies.

Are you a hot chocolate fan? Believe us, your favorite drink will become even tastier with a spoonful of this beverage! Make sure you stirred it well to spread the gorgeous taste all over the cup!

Adding Kahlua to decaffeinated coffee is another option. Why decaffeinated? Because consuming alcohol and caffeine is forbidden since it is very bad for your heart! But blending a spoonful or two of liqueur into a mug with a caffeine-free drink will only make it more delicious.

Even milkshakes can be perfectly paired by this beverage (only ensure that your kid is not somewhere around craving to taste what his/her mom or dad is drinking).

Caution Measures

How to Drink Kahlua to Fully Discover Its Taste 5

Since this Mexican beverage contains rum and pure black arabica (which is a rather strong sort of coffee), drinking the liqueur can be not so good for certain people.

  • If you have any heart health issues (e.g. irregular heartbeat rhythms)
  • If you are a pregnant woman
  • If you have any problems with the blood circulation system or blood vessels
  • If you take the medications that must not be mixed with alcohol
  • If you have diabetes

In case you suffer from high blood pressure consuming this beverage (and any other alcoholic drinks) is restricted for you. Be careful and attentive, don’t risk to only take a sip of something that can be harmful to you.

Take care of your wellbeing, and even if alcohol is ok with you, always drink safe!


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