How Often to Do Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

How Often to Do Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

It is indisputable that restaurants have a lot of traffic than a personal home. Nowadays, most restaurant owners prefer investing in high-traffic and durable carpets that will last for years. The main problem in restaurant carpets is getting dirty faster. They need a lot of frequent cleaning. So, how often should you clean your restaurant carpets?

It is recommended to have preventive cleaning 24 times a year. Remember the more you clean your carpet, the better. With that in mind, you should clean your carpet once a month. However, the answer to this depends on the specifics of your building. Here are several factors that determine how often you should clean your restaurant carpet.

How Often to Do Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

Foot Traffic

It is the most important factor to consider. The amount of traffic your restaurant receive should impact the number of times you should have restaurant carpet cleaning services. You need to pay more attention to areas that are frequently used by customers and employees. But that does not mean other areas should be ignored. Every part of your restaurant is important.

Space Type

What type of space do you own or manage? There are different kinds of recommendations for different spaces. You need to have quarterly carpet cleaning if you have a large restaurant with a bar. Before deciding on it, you can ask a professional carpet cleaning company what is best for your restaurant.

Carpet Color

It is worth noting that some colors and styles require higher frequency when compared to others. Generally, carpet with a higher nap and brighter colors should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

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Carpet Maintenance 

You can agree with me that cleaning your carpets is just like maintaining any other item in your restaurant. There is no need to wait for visible stains and signs of dirt. At this point, your customers will notice that the restaurant is not in good condition. That being said, you should make sure that you have regular carpet cleaning with the Carpet Sanitizer cleaning services.

Cleaning Frequency

The recommended thorough cleaning for most restaurants is every six months. However, there are few exceptions to this rule.

  • Do you have vacuum cleaning and spot cleaning each night?
  • How do seasons affect your carpet?

Some businesses such as restaurants and nursing homes recognize that they have greater foot traffic. Most of the institutions with high foot traffic schedule regular carpet cleaning every month. This prevents dirt from building up and stains from setting in. You will be able to extend the life of your high-quality restaurant carpet by more than five years if you consider having routine maintenance.

How Often to Do Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

Outside The Regular Schedule

Yes, it is crucial to have a regular carpet cleaning, but there are special circumstances when you have to change the routine. Some of these conditions include:

  1. Wintertime weather. You can attest that winter brings salt, sand, and a lot of water from the parking lot. So, you should always clean your carpet during winter. This will increase the durability of your restaurant carpet.
  2. Exposure. Restaurant carpets are always exposed to chemicals such as oil. These chemicals stain the carpet to the extent that even the professional cleaner will have a hard time removing the stains. Therefore, you should clean them immediately or they will end up causing damage to your expensive restaurant carpet.
  3. Foot Traffic. You have hosted a special meeting for your business. An increase in traffic from your visitors will leave dirt and debris. This will make the fibers break down.

How Often to Do Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

Protective Measures

It is advisable to use protective mats near the entryways if you want to prolong the life of your restaurant carpets. Kindly don’t worry about the emergency exits. You only need to use protective mats on high-traffic entryways. Most of the entryways are next to the front entry and stairs. Also, advise your customers to wipe their feet as they access the building. This will reduce the spread of debris in your restaurant.

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Best Practices to Keep Your Carpet Looking Nice after Cleaning

  • Vacuuming. It is regarded as one of the most effective ways of removing dirt from the carpet. Are you using the right vacuum? Remember to use the vacuum slowly over the carpet. This should be done in forwarding and backward directions. High traffic areas like corridors should be vacuumed daily. If that is not possible, you can try to vacuum three times a week. On the other hand, conference rooms in your restaurant should be vacuumed once a week.
  • Spot Cleaning. There are more chances of removing the stain spot successfully if you remove it immediately. It is a good idea to have a professional check your restaurant carpet regularly for any stains. This can also be done as part of the carpet preventive maintenance program.
  • Preventive Cleaning. Having your restaurant cleaned at regular intervals is the best method to keep your restaurant carpet looking good. This may differ from different areas based on the state of the carpet usage and traffic.

How Often to Do Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

There are several reasons why you should clean your restaurant carpet regularly. Firstly, regular carpet cleaning beautifies the carpet. This provides customers with a nice and memorable eating space. Additionally, it will save you the cost of replacing the carpet. The dirty carpet wears out faster. Plus, professional uses heat to kill anything in the carpets.

There are numerous reasons why you should leave your carpet cleaning to professionals. Do you want to make sure that your restaurant provides the best possible first impression to customers and employees? Make sure to call top-notch cleaning experts at The Carpet Sanitizers. We are well known to provide professional carpet cleaning and restoration in Pasadena, MD. People prefer us because we provide personalized services based on the customer’s needs. In the end, our professional carpet cleaners will make you a lifetime customer so that you can always count on us when you need to remove tough stains or dirt on your carpets.

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