How Often Should Draperies be Cleaned?

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how often should draperies be cleaned

Draperies make the house look more attractive and appealing. You can keep your draperies beautiful for many years with the proper care and maintenance. You can agree with me that draperies are very essential to a home. They are used to prevent the wind from blowing too hard. Also, they allow the right amount of sunlight to come in. However, they require less attention. Therefore, it is very easy to overlook their care.

Homeowners are still unsure how often their draperies should be cleaned. So, how often should you clean your draperies?

Draperies cleaning frequency mainly depends on the kind of environment your draperies are in. Whether your draperies are in the home, resorts, or even restaurants, you should clean your draperies once a year. On the other hand, draperies hanged in schools and theaters can go for more than five years before cleaning them thoroughly.

Keep in mind that it all depends on the general cleanliness of your environment. What if you are in an area with a lot of dust and serious exposure? You can consider cleaning your draperies more often.

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The Lifespan of Draperies

Most draperies last for about seven years. However, they will last for 15 years if you maintain them properly.

Benefits of Cleaning Draperies Often

It is worth noting that your draperies are exposed to dust. Some people fail to clean their draperies, especially during cleaning. Your draperies will appear dull as dirt and dust accumulate. Additionally, your draperies may wear and tear if you don’t clean them occasionally. Here are some of the benefits of cleaning draperies often.

Remove Hidden Dirt and Allergens 

Draperies collect bacteria and allergens that can affect your health. Draperies are made to hang over windows and doors. Therefore, the fabric may come into contact with insects. Moisture can also increase the risk of mold and mildew growth. It is important to note that the contaminants on draperies may negatively affect your health especially if you are suffering from respiratory conditions. There is no doubt that regular cleanings will keep the dirt and debris at bay.

how often should draperies be cleaned

Regular Cleaning Extend the Life of Your Draperies

You can agree with me that your draperies must be a large investment. It is important to clean and care for your window treatments regularly if you want to extend their life. The fabrics are inspected carefully when you consider hiring a professional drapery cleaner. They will determine the best cleaning methods to clean your draperies. You can double the lifespan of your draperies when they are cleaned using professional equipment.

Return Your Draperies to New Condition

Generally, draperies should be cleaned every year depending on if they are used in a home or business environment. Also, the frequency of cleaning your draperies depends on numerous factors such as the type of heating system you own and whether they are touched by pets. A reputable drapery cleaning company will help return your draperies to their new condition. They will enhance the entire look of your room.

how often should draperies be cleaned

Remove Pet Hair

It is no secret that pet hair can get attached to the fabrics. This will make your home unattractive. In turn, it will trigger allergies in the family. If you have pets, they may leave behind unpleasant odors that can cause discomfort in your home. Most professional drapery cleaners work to remove accumulations of pet hair. This prevents allergens from making your life miserable. That being said, you should have drapery cleaning more often if you have multiple pets. This is done to prevent dander from building up.

Replace Bad Odors with a Fresh Scent

Draperies are known to trap odors especially in homes with regular smokers and other things that can cause unpleasant smells. You can make the odors worse if you attempt to mask the smell with air fresheners or candles. Therefore, you need to have the draperies cleaned by professional drapery cleaners to remove the odors for good. In most cases, they use fabric cleaning products and gentle cleaning equipment.

how often should draperies be cleaned

When draperies Require More Frequent Cleaning

You should clean your draperies more frequently if the following factors play a role in your home.

  • Allergies. It is said that draperies can trap numerous allergens that include dust and pet hair. Regular draperies cleaning should always be a part of the household routine if your family members suffer from allergies.
  • Smoking. Cigar and Pipes smoke particles can easily be trapped in draperies. If you don’t want to have a strong smell of smoke in your house, make sure to have plenty of fresh air by cleaning your draperies every month if possible.
  • You live near the Sea. Salt is the number one enemy if you live near the sea and you have sea views. It is good to keep in mind that salt sea air can affect your draperies. Frequent cleaning is a must if you want to extend the life of your draperies.

Machine Washing

You can clean the draperies yourself if they are machine washable. It would be better when you pick a sunny day to let them dry in the open air. Afterward, you should iron your draperies while they are still damp. Remember to hang them immediately. This prevents wrinkling. Keep in mind that draperies are made with a lot of fabric. This makes them unmanageable in a constrained home environment. What if you are concerned about your washing machine not being big enough? It can be better if you get professional help.

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Dry Cleaning Draperies

Silk draperies should be cleaned by a professional drapery cleaning company. The main reason behind this is that hot water and constant rubbing action can cause excessive damage such as fading to your drapery. Draperies can be an expensive investment. Therefore, you should look after them often.

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