How Much Does an IKEA Kitchen Cost?

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The costs of Kitchen remodeling have been growing at an alarming in the last couple of years. That is why budget-conscious homeowners prefer having an IKEA Kitchen. It is good to know that IKEA Kitchen can be an ideal solution for a new and stylish kitchen.

There are numerous cheap kitchen remodeling options out in the market. However, IKEA provides top-notch value in terms of the overall price of installation and looks. The puzzle of estimating the cost of a kitchen depends on many variables. Typically, every variable represents a choice to be made. Every choice you make will bring a different cost. That is where IKEA comes in.

The best thing about IKEA is that they have a wide range of prices in each category. Also, they have different types of countertops that include custom-sized and standard-sized. It is a straightforward process to estimate the cost if you are replacing your old cabinets with new ones. The reason behind this is that you can make a simple one-to-one comparison.

It is important to note that IKEA cabinets come flat packed and unassembled. Whether you want to assemble or install yourself is one of the key decisions you will make. Do you want to engage a contractor to do that for you? Kindly note that everything you do on your plumbing and kitchen configuration will add to the final expense. You can attest that these costs can’t be factored into the average cost for a typical kitchen.

How much does an IKEA kitchen cost 5 - Copy

The Per Cabinet Comparison Method

It is another method that is used to gauge the prospective cost of new IKEA cabinets. Typically, this method involves several existing cabinets in your current kitchen. From there, you should multiply that number by $246. This method not only averages the cost of IKEA cabinets but also the molding from the possible range. Another crucial thing to note about this method is that it assumes that you are not replacing the arrangements of cabinets. You can add $200 to each cabinet in the kitchen if you want to estimate the real cost of installing those cabinets.

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Estimating by Linear Feet

Do you have an accurate plan for your new kitchen? In that case, you will have an easy time estimating the cost of your kitchen. The price difference lies in the choice of the visible part of the cabinet. Keep in mind that the difference between the lowest and highest price of IKEA hardware is in dollars. You can safely average all these costs. Deciding the style you want to have in your kitchen is the first step in determining the cost of an IKEA kitchen. What type and styles do you want in your countertops? This can be estimated based on the actual linear feet of space occupied by cabinets.

Usually, the figures you use are obtained by having an average of all possible configurations. Most of these assume an assortment of upper and lower cabinets. The cost estimates vary from the actual costs.

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The Best Ways to Estimate the Cost of IKEA Cabinets

  • Measure the actual length of wall spaces. This is where you should install the cabinets. The total length of wall spaces should be in inches.
  • Subtract the door openings. You should also do this for appliances and any other gaps in the cabinetry.
  • Divide the total by 12. From there, you can convert the length in inches to linear feet.
  • Visit IKEA online. This will help you find the average cost per panel. You can estimate the cost of the IKEA cabinet door of your choice. The estimate here is normally expressed in price ranges instead of style names. It is because some styles are eliminated from the line.
  • Remember to find the price range. The price range should correspond to the price of your style choice.

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How to Estimate the Cost of Countertops

You can use the linear foot measurement to have a rough estimate of your costs if you will be sourcing your countertops from IKEA. All those base cabinets need countertops. As you do it, remember that it is just a quick measurement that will help you make an approximation. It is recommended to have more accurate details when ordering the countertops.

Nowadays, IKEA deals in several different materials such as laminate, solid wood, and acrylic. Each of these materials has different levels of quality. You can find some of the counter materials in prefabricated lengths. In the end, the savings will be substantial if your kitchen can accommodate the actual length of a countertop. IKEA allows their customers to decide on whether they want acrylic or quartz. You can go ahead and consult them online to know the price per square foot of your desired countertop material.

In most cases, the square foot price of the IKEA countertop ranges from $39 to about $69. These prices are inclusive of installation and fabrication. With that in mind, you should do the following:

  • Find the preferred size of your desired countertop.
  • Multiply the size by the price above.
  • Double the total amount to get two-foot counter depth.
  • The resulting number should give you a close estimate for the countertops.

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Appliances and Additional Costs

Once you have determined the items to purchase, you will have an easy time adding these calculations. Other factors that you should consider include flooring and lighting fixtures. Although your estimates will never be exact, they will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

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