Extra Touches You Can Do to Make Your Catering Service More Special

Extra Touches You Can Do to Make Your Catering Service More Special

Catering is a serious party saver. This niche is in need of constant upgrading and quick responses to social and gastronomic trends. Catering, if executed right, can be the star of any event. Whether you’re a small, freelance setup or a company looking to expand, catering requires immense attention to market needs and development of new strategies every day to keep the customers coming and satisfied.

Nowadays, food that delivers on deliciousness alone just won’t cut it. Catering services have to present innovative and authentic creations in order to please their demanding audience. Luckily, there is a wide array of ideas that you can implement in your strategy to make your service extra special.

Use premium sources

Let the quality of the food speak of how well your service is. This might seem like an unnoticed detail, but high-end attendees and foodies understand how the quality of the produce used can affect the final dishes. Not only that, picking top sources shows how much you care about your clients and aspire to offer them nothing less than perfection.

Unleash your creativity with dietary requests

Dietary requests are often given the least attention. By exerting extra effort to make these dishes shine, you’ll win your client’s approval very quickly. Whenever your clients have concerns about this section, try to share with them your creative solutions and innovations.
For instance, using vegetables as gluten-free shells instead of bread, fried tofu instead of fried cheese for lactose intolerant people, etc.

Try custom labels

Custom labeled merchandise is a great way to promote a business, a cause, or an event in an indirect and creative manner. It’s a great idea to fully customize your bottled water to match the theme or purpose of your event. These services offer a choice between purified, natural spring, alkaline or electrolyte enhanced water. Everyone needs and drinks tons of water so it’s smart in terms of reachability. Because the advertisement part is so subtle, it can be used in all sorts of events: hotels, open-air ceremonies, fitness clubs, and more.

Make a versatile spread

When you’re catering for a diverse crowd, it’s important to think smart and efficient. Guests will surely appreciate complex dishes and sophisticated cooking techniques. However, what they’ll love even more is variation.
Food spreads offer snacks that adhere to multiple dietary options, moods, and preferences. If you opt for a brunch or a Mediterranean cuisine inspired spread, you’ll be giving your audience easy to mix, fun, and healthy options to choose from.

Make a versatile spread

There are always new trends to take inspiration from the food industry. From cooking shows like MasterChef to following the footsteps of famous chefs such as Heston Blumenthal. All you have to do is to have an eye on the market and a knack for creativity that will never cease to wow guests. A pro tip is to study other restaurants’ menus and draw inspiration of how you can adopt these dishes creatively.

Special events require special preparations. If you want people to talk about your food, you must feed their eyes first. Your creations must be picturesque, modern, and absolutely delicious

Joseph P Demars
Joseph P Demars
Joseph P. Demars is a food lover and an entrepreneur who has experienced in running successful restaurants. Joseph lives in Chicago with his adorable family. His wide knowledge, plus his practical skill has helped him earn extraordinary profit from running restaurants.

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