Essential Kitchen Equipment Needed in Opening a Restaurant


Opening a new restaurant is every budding entrepreneur’s dream. Despite the low success rate for restaurants, it remains one of the biggest business ventures undertaken by aspiring chefs.


Besides all the headaches that come with opening a new restaurant – licensing, raising money, marketing, seating, décor, etc. – Designing and equipping the kitchen is an absolute must. It’s a huge investment, and a commercial kitchen is very, very different from the one you’d have at home.

kitchen equipment

Industrial-grade equipment is necessary to withstand consistent use, and key decisions are made depending on the layout of the kitchen and how much space you have. Here are some of the most essential items required in opening a new restaurant.

Cold storage

Proper refrigeration is incredibly important to keep all the ingredients and pre-prepared foods fresh. Freezers especially are crucial in helping you manage your inventory of frozen steaks, veggies, and so on. An industrial-strength fridge is necessary when equipping your kitchen, primarily because it can also help you do things like cool a large pot of sauce quickly and have it ready for your customers to eat in no time.

Whether you decide to get a walk-in unit or reach-in one ultimately depends on how much space you have, but in any case, consulting a specialist would help make the decision-making process at this vital point much smoother.

Chopping and grinding

Food processors and grinders of different kinds are necessary tools in running an efficient kitchen. You will need processors that can hold batches of chopped food, or continuous feed processors that allow you to constantly add food to the processing unit while it operates, which minimizes prep time for large quantities. Invest in different attachments will also help make your life easier.

Chopping and grinding

In addition, tools to help you produce, freshly ground spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and star anise, are essential, as is an excellent coffee grinder to help keep your customers happy. And few things can placate them more than a cup of joe produced from freshly ground, fine-roasted coffee beans.

Food prep and cutting boards

Another crucial element in an impeccably maintained restaurant kitchen is the prep counters. The preparation surfaces should be made of stainless steel since that doesn’t absorb bacteria from meat and chicken and can withstand harsh cleaning products. Likewise, for the cutting surfaces, either plastic or wooden cutting boards would do.

However, bear in mind that plastic is perhaps easier to sanitize but can develop deep grooves that can hide the bacteria. The opposite can be said of wooden boards, which are generally tougher to clean, but don’t develop these grooves in which poisonous bacteria can so easily hide – ultimately, it’s your choice.

Finally, in order to run a successful restaurant, you must absolutely arm yourself with the best tools available on the market. That being said, there are many pieces of equipment in which you can invest that don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Looking into different guides online and speaking with consultants can help you find what you need efficiently and without any hassles.

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Joseph P Demars
Joseph P Demars
Joseph P. Demars is a food lover and an entrepreneur who has experienced in running successful restaurants. Joseph lives in Chicago with his adorable family. His wide knowledge, plus his practical skill has helped him earn extraordinary profit from running restaurants.

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