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6 Tips to Choose Roof Design for Restaurant 

Restaurants have become a place for social interaction with emerging cosmopolitan areas. It is indisputable that restaurants are an important component of urban culture. They reflect the value and the thoughts of the community. As a restaurant owner, you should be thoughtful in designing the space in a way that attracts more customers to visit. Customers will spend more time in your space if it is well designed. There are numerous things to consider when talking about the roof design of the restaurant. 

It is worth noting that the roof is one of the most prominent parts of a restaurant that are exposed to external environmental forces like rain and sunlight. That is why you should carefully choose the right roof design for your restaurant. Unique roof designs play a crucial role in defining the exterior appearance of any restaurant. Besides the looks of your restaurant, a roof plays a huge role in protecting the stuff inside the restaurant during harsh climatic conditions. 

It is wise to elect a modern roof design if you are planning to construct a new restaurant or renovating a new one. We have rounded up a few tips to make this task simple. These tips will help you choose the right roof design for your restaurant.

roof design for your restaurant 3 - Copy

6 Tips to choose the right roof design for your restaurant

Location of Your Restaurant

It is good to know that location plays a huge role in choosing the right roof design for a restaurant. The deciding factor here is the climatic condition of the place where your restaurant is located. Do you live in an area that is prone to strong winds and frequent cyclones? A pyramid roof design with all four slopes will be able to withstand the strong forces of wind. And in case your restaurant is located in a high monsoon region, then sloped forces such as gable will be an ideal choice. These roof designs will allow rainwater to runoff with great ease from the roofs. 

You can choose any roof design if you are setting up a restaurant in regions facing tropical climates. The reason behind this is that the climate is mostly hot. Typically, the roof acts as the main shield against external elements. Therefore, you should be careful when deciding on the color and material of your roof. The ideal roof design should sustain the climate of the restaurant location. For example, roofs in places prone to extremely high temperatures should easily reflect heat. In such places, light-colored roof designs will work well here. You will have an easy time maintaining your roof when you choose a design that is compatible with the climatic conditions of the area.

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It is no secret that improving the aesthetics of a restaurant start with exteriors. The first impression of your restaurant will leave your customers enthralled. The perfect aesthetics of your restaurant is not just a treat to the eyes of the customers. Besides, it increases the value of the restaurant. Remember that the roof design is visible from the street. This means that the material and the roof design will dramatically affect its look.  

Make sure that the color and type of material are compatible with your restaurant’s exterior finish and style. There is nothing important than being true to the restaurant’s architectural style. You cannot have Spanish tiles on a Colonial Style Restaurant. In other words, always choose a design that will be consistent with the design of your restaurant. With simple and affordable materials, you can impart an attractive appearance to your restaurant. 

roof design for your restaurant

Cost of Construction

This is the right time to choose the right roof designs for your restaurant even if it results in high expenses. This investment will give you great returns in the future more so if you will operate the restaurant for many years to come. The type of roof design that you choose depends on the budget you have in mind. It is important to note that some roof designs can be expensive while others are budget-friendly. However, this is mainly determined by the cost and the materials used. 

The total costs of the roof are calculated per square foot area. So, you can consider sitting with a specialist if you have a fixed budget in mind. He or she will easily understand your requirements and after that suggest options within your budget.


Some roof designs for restaurants may not be durable in some areas. For instance, if you want to have a gambrel roof design, they may replicate Dutch style but they cannot withstand fierce winds. This means that you may have frequent maintenance if you set up your restaurant in areas prone to cyclones. That is not all, it can cost you a total roof replacement. This may not only be tedious but also expensive. Besides the style, the durability of a roof design depends on the quality of the materials and the expertise involved in the construction.

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Installation process

Hiring the right team is one of the major things involved in choosing the right roof design for restaurants. Once you have identified the right expertise, you can go ahead and check with the contractor about the process timelines and the essentials needed. Also, all things stacked on your roof should be taken away and stored safely.


How can the materials be recycled or down-cycled? If you think you will operate the restaurant for more than 15 years, you can look for a roof replacement since it is more attractive. It will be worth investing in a roof system that has a long service life and long-term warranty. 

Restaurant owners should work with an experienced roofer that has a good reputation and understand the local climate. As an experienced roofer, RPC Roofing offer new roof installation, full roof replacement, and roof repairs in Lake Charles, Louisiana. What defines RPC Roofing is a strong commitment to the customers. You can schedule a phone call or even one on one consultation to discuss your concerns and thoughts. Also, they boast of experience and equipment to handle all your installation and repair needs. 

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7 Essential Tips for HVAC in Your Restaurant 

It is said that restaurants require 2.5 times more power per square foot when compared to other commercial buildings. The biggest percentage of that energy is used on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. In most restaurants, HVAC is behind food prep when it comes to energy savings. As a restaurant owner, you can agree with me that investing in a reliable HVAC system will be great for those people who want to save money while at the same time guarding against any energy price.

Your business will be more sustainable when you consider applying a modern-day HVAC system. Also, it will be cost-efficient. It is worth noting that you don’t need many changes to notice savings. A degree increase in cooling thermostat translates to a 5% decrease in energy usage. You will the costs by more than 15% if you set the thermostat three degrees higher. So, what are the essential tips for HVAC in your restaurant? Let’s take a look.

Essential Tips for HVAC in your Restaurant 3

7 Tips for HVAC in Your Restaurant

1. Adopting a Well Sized HVAC Unit

Do you know that at least 30% of every HVAC system is oversized? According to a statement that was released to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, such an HVAC system is not working at peak effectiveness. This not only causes wear and tear but also increased energy costs. The right-sized unit will lower costs. Also, it will greatly enhance the life expectancy of the machine. In turn, this will lessen emissions.

Rebates on energy efficiency HVAC can make more capable units easier. The presence of new equipment means that you will save for many years to come. Remember to ask whether your HVAC contractor has Air Conditioning Contractors of America sizing practices. With this, they will be able to determine the correct sized equipment.

Essential Tips for HVAC in your Restaurant

2. Keep the Patio Heaters Off When You Don’t Need Them

A heated patio is alluring for many restaurant customers especially as the weather gets cooler. However, it is quite difficult to heat them naturally. Fortunately, patio heaters are designed to radiate and heat up quickly. That being said, you should keep them off until when you need them. This will decrease energy bills.

3. Apply Programmable Thermostats

The essence of this is to monitor the atmosphere before temperature reduction becomes outsized. Another crucial thing to note is that programmable thermostats always remember to lower HVAC operations. This happens when the restaurant is empty.

Also, a smart thermostat allows you to set a schedule. You will find some thermostats that can be programmed for specific days. If you find one, it can accommodate the more hectic pace of a weekend. Generally, thermostats are designed in a unique way of learning your cooling needs and in turn help you reduce utility costs.

Additionally, the thermostat can be controlled through your smartphone or a smart home device. You can attest that it must be a good investment to pair with an air conditioner. In the end, you will be guaranteed more productive lives when you apply a programmable thermostat.

Essential Tips for HVAC in your Restaurant 4

4. Don’t Forget the Restrooms

Typically, restroom ventilation should run all the time. This means that a slight reduction in energy regulation can have a huge difference. Most modern ventilation fans reduce the running prices by more than 70%. Restaurants benefit from ventilation equipment. It is important to note that cooking produces a lot of heat. This is a major factor in elevated humidity levels. A professional HVAC contractor like KB A/C & Heating LLC will install a makeup air unit. This unit replaces the air pulled through the exhaust system. If this device is not installed, the temperature might fluctuate as the air quantity changes.

5. Remember to Shut it Down if You are Not Using It

You might have heating resources in the kitchen that are operating even when they are not required. Keep in mind that such heating resources generate heat that your HVAC system will have to neutralize. It is advisable to shut down the program. This ensures your equipment is not working overtime. You can end up saving more than $600 a year if you shut down the single heater.

6. Get Honest Advice on the Best HVAC Unit

Most heating and cooling companies partner with just one brand. Such companies will push you to purchase a specific HVAC unit even if they are not right for your home. They do that because that is what they sell and install. In contrast, a reputable company like KB A/C & Heating LLC install multiple models of air conditioners. Therefore, we always give the most honest evaluation of the best HVAC system for your home.

Essential Tips for HVAC in your Restaurant 2

7. Cost Matters

It can be a terrible mistake picking an air conditioner or furnace based on the sticker price alone. That is the worst way to think about things since the real cost of an HVAC system is mostly evaluated when it becomes faulty. What does this mean? Let us say you buy a cheaper air conditioner that saves you more than $3,000 when compared to a costly model. In that case, you might think you have the best deal. But things will become worse when you know that the air conditioner requires regular repairs. Cheap is expensive. Such type of air conditioner might die at an earlier date than the expensive one. That is the reason energy efficiency is an important factor.

You will be paying for the less expensive air conditioner every month when you avoid expensive and high-quality models. With that in mind, you should think about it when purchasing a new HVAC system.

After purchasing the right HVAC system for your house, it should be installed professionally for maximum results. We have experienced professionals who install high-quality HVAC systems in Phoenix, Arizona, and surrounding areas. Also, we go above and beyond to make things easy by providing exceptional services. Therefore, you can trust us and be guaranteed you will have an efficient heating and cooling system.

Your Restaurant HVAC System What You Need to Know 1

Your Restaurant HVAC System: What You Need to Know

A restaurant’s HVAC system is undeniably the most important element of its operation. It is more important than many other restaurant systems. You can agree with me that people go to restaurants for hassle-free meals. Customers expect to have their meals in a climate-controlled atmosphere whether they are enjoying a five-star dining experience. On the other side of the kitchen door, employees deserve a healthy working environment. In a comfortable working environment, smoke and heat generated in the kitchen quickly escape. This enables the employees to work without any issue.

There are a couple of reasons why HVAC systems are crucial in a restaurant. MP Mechanical is ready to ensure that your Rougemont restaurant has the most reliable system for your eatery. Over the years, they have worked with the Rougemont restaurant community to service their HVAC installation and repair needs.

Your Restaurant HVAC System What You Need to Know 1

Why Commercial HVAC Systems are Important for Restaurants 

There are numerous places to eat and drink in Rougemont. These businesses generate a lot of sales yearly and employ about eight percent of the total workforce. This would be impossible without proper HVAC systems.

In most cases, restaurant owners focus on other elements of their business. Such elements include kitchen equipment and more. A properly ventilated environment is key to their employees’ health and overall productivity. Besides, it plays a crucial role in the customer’s experience. There is no doubt that an HVAC System will be the most important part of doing business if you are operating a 10 seat diner or Grille.

Your Restaurant HVAC System What You Need to Know 5

Why Do You Need a High-Quality Restaurant HVAC System?

There are a variety of reasons why you need a reliable restaurant HVAC system. Here are the most obvious reasons:

Your Employees. 

You might have heard the phrase that states “If you are not comfortable with the heat, you should get out of the kitchen.” It is worth noting that this expression has a special meaning for employees and the larger restaurant industry. Many employees interact with customers such as line cooks, prep cooks not forgetting sous chefs who spend most of their time in front of the fire. Kindly remember that your employees are always exposed to heat and large amounts of smoke.

That is where a restaurant HVAC system comes in. An HVAC system should be well maintained and of high quality. It ensures that heat and smoke escape from the kitchen quickly. You will understand how difficult and uncomfortable it can be if you have ever worked in an environment without a quality HVAC system.

Your Customers. 

It is no secret that nobody would want to eat in an extremely hot and cold environment. You can imagine eating from a restaurant with a lot of smoke and stale air. It can be the most frustrating experience. Although customers love the aroma from the kitchen, they would want to ensure it does not get to them.

High-quality and well-maintained HVAC systems are very essential to an enjoyable customer experience. It is considered as one of the most important investments restaurant owners can make in their establishments. What are the possibilities of customers returning if they have a hard time breathing? No one would want to eat from a restaurant where they sweat during their meals.

Your Products and Inventory.

Do you spend money on the highest quality ingredients? You would want to make sure that your staff will be able to make it to the plate and not spoil. That’s the reason you should have a well-maintained HVAC system. It ensures the longevity of your inventory. This means that your staff will have a chance to serve your customers the very best. Customers will keep coming back to your restaurant.

Your Restaurant HVAC System What You Need to Know 2

HVAC Maintenance 

We would recommend having your restaurant’s HVAC systems serviced twice per year. It is important to know that HVAC systems need more love when compared to facilities like office buildings and retail outlets. Several variables include grease that gets sucked up into your system.

Another crucial thing to note is that restaurants are open more frequently. They are open for longer intervals than 5 offices and retail outlets. For this reason, high-traffic restaurants should undergo routine maintenance four times per year. This ensures optimal performance. MP Mechanical provides comprehensive service to your HVAC system.

How Much Does HVAC installation Cost?

The cost of maintaining or installing an HVAC system is determined by numerous factors that include:

  • Heating.
  • The complexity of the installation.
  • Building size.

MP Mechanical works with restaurants all over Rougemont and Durham NC. Besides providing all types of HVAC systems, they have the most affordable pricing furnace repair in Rougemont, NC. The needs of a café are not the same as a large franchise. There are multiple options you can choose from. With more than 20 years of experience, they will help you make the right choice.

When inspecting your HVAC system, our technicians will ensure that all the parts are clean and in good repair. This eliminates any potential safety hazards. Additionally, they will check safety measures to ensure they are working properly.

Reading more:

Final Thoughts

The primary function of an HVAC system is to control the environment in which it works. This is achieved by controlling the temperature of a room through heating and cooling. Also, the highly regarded system will control the humidity level in a restaurant by controlling the distribution of air inside the room. Preventive maintenance is done by checking all the systems depending on your requirements.

Many restaurant owners agree that investing and maintaining an HVAC system is worth it if you want to guarantee your employee’s and customers’ comfort. The reason why you should trust us is that our professionals have been providing furnace repair services for more than 20 years. MC Mechanical will never charge you for things that don’t need to be fixed. If you need HVAC system installation and repair service, contact MC Mechanical’s team for professional and affordable services.


How To Overcome Cybersecurity Challenges in 2020

In this day and age, most of us rely heavily on their digital devices. So, naturally, the subject of cybersecurity, or computer security, has come to be a major concern for many people. For some, it is the fear of having their personal information stolen, while others are mainly worried about their files and data being destroyed. Nevertheless, pretty much all people are afraid of what they do not know as it is hard to realize when a person is snooping around your data since the entirety of the matter is usually done covertly. The good news is that while there are challenges to cybersecurity, there are also solutions. Today, in the year 2020, there are some effective ways to overcome some of the most common and terrifying challenges of cybersecurity. Here is what you need to know.

How To Overcome Cybersecurity Challenges

Malware Infection

Unbeknown to many, the security threat posed by malware can come through various creative channels, and at the center stands perhaps the least creative of all, email spam. It is regarded as the main vector of all malware infections. However, there are other methods used to introduce this malicious software that cyber attackers are fond of. They can include software downloads, vulnerabilities found in an operating system, and many more. Malware exists in various strains, which include Trojans, worms, and viruses.

Typically, the way to overcome this challenge is by installing antivirus software. However, simply downloading the software and then forgetting about it is not enough, as you will need to ensure that it is regularly updated. In addition to that, you will need to consistently perform regular scans. To fully utilize the capabilities of your antivirus software, you will need to make sure your operating system is up to date, otherwise, you may experience issues with the software and your device will be vulnerable to malware infections. Apart from securing your device, you will also need to act prudently and remain mindful of what you are clicking on.


DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks are quickly becoming a very prominent form of cybercrime that experienced an exponential rise in previous years. Incidents involving DDoS include things like taking a website down. The process by which a DDoS attack is executed is as straightforward as overloading a server with a series of access requests, which ultimately causes it to crash. Most commonly, the perpetrator of such an attack employs “botnets”, which help cyber criminals achieve their goals faster. Today, with the digital world continuously evolving, DDoS is evolving as well; with attacks involving a new technique called “Memcaching”. This process uses unprotected, open-source, object-caching systems which allow for the traffic to increase dramatically, bringing the site’s traffic up to more than a terabyte.

Cybersecurity companies around the world have displayed their many redeeming qualities, all of which revolve around the security they provide us by delivering quality security software and other methods that can keep our devices safe. The cybersecurity investors at Option3Ventures explain that their work focuses on bringing a new perspective to companies, consequently strengthening the fight against cybercrime. They achieve this by integrating the experience of the management belonging to the United States National Security Community with their investment expertise and extensive operations, thus ensuring the best possible outcome. Because of the hard work presented by similar companies, overcoming a DDoS attack is feasible, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

Start by purchasing additional bandwidth, which helps handle the spikes in traffic caused by this unique type of malicious activity. You will also need to strengthen your infrastructure by building better redundancy. Next, you should look to configure your network hardware so that it is pitted against DDoS attacks, and then deploy an anti-DDoS software and hardware. Finally, remember to protect the DNS server and you should be fine.

Misusing Access Privileges

It is true that if a person misuses their access privileges, then even the best security measures can prove ineffective; however, it is not impossible to overcome. When employees abuse their privileges, they sometimes take ‘vital information’ without permission. This is where SLA Assurances come in. SLA, or service legal agreements, stipulate that all parties involved in a task— or anything as such— must adhere to certain security obligations. While this method does not prevent attackers from attacking, it might discourage them as it makes your employees legally required to fulfill the agreement, otherwise, they will suffer serious financial repercussions.

All in all, there are several different ways to protect yourself from a hacker’s intrusive infiltrations. However, seeing as these solutions are unique to the type of challenge presented and they will need reinforcing, you should consider taking additional measures. This can include informing and educating your staff on the security policies, offering training to those involved in cybersecurity, and obtaining all of the required tools to strengthen your security.

Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing Your Last Will copy

Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing Your Last Will

Indeed, one day we are all going to die, and when that happens, some individuals will leave their estates to be shared by different beneficiaries. However, disputes often arise over the distribution of wealth after the death of particular people. These disputes can be resolved if the individual involved leaves a valid will that states how they want their assets to be distributed.

Therefore, for the will to be valid, the testator should keep certain things in mind when preparing their last will. Some people may think that it is not necessary to prepare a will when you’re young and healthy and that you can take your time, however, if you have assets that can be distributed after your death, you should always write a will as soon as you can. You can read on to learn about vital elements to consider when you prepare for the last will.

How to Write Will

A will is not just an ordinary document since it can play a pivotal role in protecting your loved ones against conflict. Some specialized attorneys deal with issues related to will writing and solving disputes that may arise following the demise of individuals with contested estates. You should always learn more about will contest lawyers from trusted sources to see if you require their assistance in writing a will. There are different laws in various states that should be observed when writing wills that you should follow.

Estate laws in different states significantly differ so you should do your homework properly if you decide to write the will on your own. You must remember that you can only write a will when you are in a sound mental state and it should be signed by witnesses. The witnesses should not be beneficiaries and they must sign the will in the presence of a notary.

Alternatively, you can seek legal advice from an experienced attorney when writing your final will to avoid its contestation when you are gone. This can give your loved one’s peace of mind especially when everything in the will has been conducted accordingly. Experienced lawyers can provide you full details about how you can distribute your estate among the beneficiaries to protect their interests.

State Your Beneficiaries in the Will

Your last will should clearly state the beneficiaries of your estate. It should state their names and addresses to avoid disputes that may arise when your assets are being distributed. You should also remember that laws in many states typically favor the current spouse. The will should contain a separate letter that clearly states who inherits items of tangible value. These are the major causes of conflicts among the beneficiaries of the will.

However, you can also involve other people such as children from your previous marriage or members of your extended family in your will if you want. You should state clearly what each person will get from your estate to avoid disputes that can arise among other interested parties.

It is also important to constantly update your will so that it includes all the latest changes that can affect the inheritance laws of your estate. If you have divorced or remarried, your last will should state these details since they can be the major source of conflicts.

In the same vein, you should avoid writing your final will under undue influence from other people. You may be pressured by certain relatives interested in your estate to tweak your will in their favor especially when you are on your deathbed. It is vital to ensure that you finalize your will when your mind is in good health to avoid disputes that can affect the bona fide beneficiaries of your estate.

Avoid fraud

When writing a will, you should avoid using fraudulent means for personal interests. For instance, if you and your spouse sign a reciprocal will, the estate plan should remain the same even after the death of the other partner. Some people may try to amend the will after the passing on of their spouse. This action puts the other beneficiaries at a disadvantage, but this can be contested.

Appoint a Guardian for Young Children

A will that excludes the interests of the children can be heavily contested so you should always keep that in mind to avoid conflicts. You should include in your will a guardian whom you trust to raise the children in a manner that reflects your interests and values. The guardian should have access to all the necessary funds that can help in the upkeep of the children. It is also essential to state in your will that your children’s guardian should have uninterrupted access to them so that they get the best opportunity to improve their well-being.

Include an Executor in Your Will

Another important factor that you should keep in mind when writing your last will is to include an executor. You should choose a person with a traceable history of financial responsibility to execute your estate. The advantage of choosing an executor you trust and who is also fair is that disputes would be significantly reduced.

In most cases, an executor is an independent person who is unknown to the beneficiaries so they are not likely to contest their involvement in the execution of the will. It is also essential to determine how you want the executor to be paid for their time in managing the distribution of your estate. In some cases, the executor gets a certain percentage from the estate and these details should be clear to avoid disputes.

Place the Will in a Safe Place

When you have completed writing your last will, you should also remember to keep it in a safe place. You should ensure that the executor is aware of the location of your will otherwise it may be a futile exercise to prepare a will that will serve no purpose.

A will is a very important document that helps safeguard the future of your family and your loved ones when you die. The document outlines how you want your wealth to be distributed among the beneficiaries and it helps to prevent conflicts that may arise when you are gone. Therefore, there are vital things that you should keep in mind when preparing your last will.

Source: Martinihouse

Understanding the Process of a Personal Injury Lawsuit copy

Understanding the Process of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

While some injury claims are deliberate, other personal injury lawsuits can be the cause of an honest mistake. All the same, accident or not, the pain that can happen to you is not reduced either way. Fortunately, the law protects your legal rights from mishaps and the confusion thereof. However, the process can be lengthy and demanding on your mental, emotional and physical faculties, but the outcome can be worthwhile. 

When a person suffers damage to their body or mental well being, they may file a personal injury lawsuit. These lawsuits arise due to negligence, or gross negligence, while they can also arise due to reckless conduct and intentional conduct. Sometimes, a personal injury lawsuit will have been the cause of strict liability. A successful claim will reward the ‘plaintiff’ with compensation that is proportionate to the damage done. That said, if you are the victim of a personal injury, Here is the process of a lawsuit:

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal Injury Lawsuits copy

Typically, there are two ways to approach a personal injury lawsuit. Either formally or informally.

Formal Lawsuit

Personal injury claims are civil cases and are therefore initiated by a private individual. The individual will file a complaint against the at-fault party, the defendant, claiming that they are victims of recklessness or negligence. The defendant can be a business, government agency or another person.

Informal Settlement

On the other hand, informal settlements happen before a lawsuit is filed. In reality, informal settlements are more common than formal lawsuits. They hope to resolve the dispute by negotiating and involving the concerned parties, insurers, and lawyers.

Statute of Limitations

After an injury has occurred, the plaintiff will have a specified period in which they can file a lawsuit. This period is known as the statute of limitations. The period typically begins when the plaintiff discovers the injury, and within that time frame, they are allowed to sue the defendant. The statute of limitations usually varies depending on the state and type of injury. However, once a lawsuit is filed, the limitation is lifted, and the plaintiff will await a verdict. More serious crimes share a longer statute of limitations, as opposed to smaller crimes like slander.

How to Act

In order to obtain the desired outcome, a plaintiff will need to act in a methodical way. This approach will help build a strong case, which will hopefully end with reasonable compensation. Here is what you need to know:

Get Medical Treatment

The first thing a plaintiff should do as soon as they discover their injury is immediately get medical treatment. This should happen regardless of how the plaintiff feels, even if it is as minor as a paper cut. Apart from the obvious benefit, which is tending to your health, this will also be important evidence for the insurance company and the court. Otherwise, both the insurance and the court will assume that the injuries are not serious.

Talk to Witnesses & Gather Evidence

Another thing that must be done instantly, the plaintiff must look to collect all of the evidence they can get their hands on. This will include taking photographs and videotaping the scene where the injury took place. However, that may not be enough, and as such, the plaintiff should also talk to witnesses. Anyone that can corroborate your story must be regarded as a witness. Look to gather their contact information, which will be important later on. 

Personal Injury Lawyer

After you have received medical treatment and collected as much evidence as you can, you will need to speak to a lawyer. Start by walking the lawyer through the incident, and giving them all of the evidence you have. They will give you legal advice and work to strengthen your case. Expect to be met with a fight, so make sure that you have a lawyer by your side. The legal advisors over at stress the importance of hiring legal representation, seeing as the legal system is so complex. This is because the insurance company lawyers will come out in force and look to defeat your injury claim, due to their job focusing on minimizing the insurance company’s financial exposure. 

Your lawyer will carry out an investigation, and make a strong case on your behalf. This will include your medical records and bills, which are the basis of your claim. After doing so, your personal injury lawyer will then begin negotiating. This is done before they file a lawsuit. The negotiations hope to avoid the complications of trial and the expensive fees. Demands and negotiations usually begin after a plaintiff has reached maximum medical improvement. This is done so that the attorney can estimate the case’s worth, which is otherwise unknown.

File a Lawsuit

If settlement talks fail or remain ineffective, the next step will be to file a personal injury lawsuit. Your lawyer will take care of this by filing the lawsuit in court. It usually takes 1-2 years for personal injury cases to go to trial.

Discovery Phase

Each party will then investigate each other. The aim is to weaken the opposing argument while strengthening your own. Discoveries are shared with the defendant, as well as a list of witnesses and any other document. This can take as long as a year, though it depends on the court’s deadlines. 


After the discovery period has ended, each side usually reignites settlement talks. Oftentimes, lawyers will settle among themselves. Though, you should expect to attend a mediation session with your lawyer, the defendant, and their lawyer and a third neutral party. 

Typically, a personal injury lawsuit does not take that long, and if it does, it is usually settled by the time of the second negotiation, or mediation. However, should it take longer, either side will try their luck in a trial, which can take a day, a week or more. As long as you have a trusted attorney at your side, then you should not worry. And remember to move quickly with the medical treatment and evidence collecting. 

Source: Martinihouse

Things To Prepare For an Intimate House Party - Copy

Things To Prepare For an Intimate House Party

Going out and having a night out on the town is great.

It’s fun, exciting, and meeting new people will never go out of style.

But sometimes an event calls for a night in. Hosting a house party is a wonderful way to get to reacquaint with friends and family. You can even get to know other guests they bring as well.

Things To Prepare For an Intimate House Party - Copy

What’s important in these smaller, more intimate house parties is that it’s kept among friends. Hosting, in and of itself may seem like a daunting task. We may feel the need to clean, hide things, bring out the best silverware, etc.


But with the right prep and follow through, hosting an intimate house party can be stress-free and easy. Here are some things to prepare to make sure the social atmosphere keeps on going.

Food and Refreshments

If you’re having a party at home, time it in the late afternoon or later in the evening, before or after the 3 big meals. This way, you can get away with serving hors d’oeuvres and smaller plates instead of full blown meals.

For a splash of creativity and convenience, a commercial cold press juicer is a tremendous conversation piece as well as a primary source of refreshments. Have glasses set up in advance, having a few more than your expected number of guests but not too much.

Have stickers set up so they know exactly which one belongs to them. There’s nothing worse than reaching for a glass and realizing it’s not yours while the real owner throws a look of disapproval.


Entertainment in these settings should be dictated by the guests. If you’re going to have music playing, set up a speaker and let them go at it. Most people are going to try and connect to your speakers via Bluetooth. Don’t let them.

Entertainment - Copy

Have an auxiliary cord set up so that only one person can play music at a time. If not, you’ll have people coming up to you every 5 minutes saying, “Uh, I can’t connect to the speaker. Can you reset the Bluetooth for me, please?” And that, after the first two times, would get on anybody’s nerves.


Make Sure People Get Home, Safe

Set up provisions in the event that someone gets a bit too intoxicated. If you’re okay with having people over, have sheets ready and a room or couch set up.

If not, make sure everybody has a safe and sober ride, be it a taxi or a rideshare app. Safety is key when sending people home from your party.

We want to make sure that people talk about this for years to come in the most positive light. Also, be sure to have people text you once they get to their homes. It may seem a bit overbearing, but it lets people know that you care. That is the sign of an excellent host.

An intimate house parties are not rocket science. They can be a bit much during the planning stages. But, overall, they’re meant to be light-hearted and fun. As long as you have a bit of food, time the party right, keep them in charge of the music, and make sure everyone gets home safe, you can ensure your night will be heralded as a success.

Top Kitchen Christmas Gifts For Cooks

7 Top Kitchen Christmas Gifts For Cooks

Are you looking for a gift for the foodie or cook in your life for Christmas? These 7 items make for an excellent present.

1. Carbon Steel Wok

Lighter than its counterparts a carbon steel wok is easily lifted and enables you to toss the food whilst cooking. Since it isn’t heavy to lift it reduces the chance of accidents. Put a nice carbon steek wok under the Christmas tree.

2. A Cast Iron Skillet

A cast-iron skillet is a Christmas gift that any seasoned cook will appreciate. The weight, sturdiness, and durability of an iron skillet make it quite a substantial item, but the entry price point can be surprisingly affordable. My favorite skillets are those made by Lodge. I use Lodge iron skillets for searing steaks, frying eggs, cooking bacon and much, much more.

3. A Subscription To Atlas Coffee Club

An Atlas Coffe Club subscription provides the recipient with globally curated, top-grade, freshly-roasted coffee direct to their door. You can subscribe to your favorite blends, purchase single bags or join Atlas’s “Coffee of the Month” club. The monthly club allows you to sample a new blend of coffee every month. The coffee sold by Atlas is of the highest quality and all of their packaging is beautiful. The gift of a monthly shipment from the company is perfect for all coffee lovers.

4. Bellucci Olive Oil

Every cook knows that high-quality olive oil is an essential ingredient for many dishes. Bellucci olive oil is a top-grade Italian olive oil and the company has an app that allows customers to trace the exact origin of their olive oil to its harvesting point in rural Italy. A great Christmas gift is the Bellucci “Fast Track to Italy” pack, which brings flavors from Calabria, Puglia, Sicily, and Tuscany straight to your kitchen table.

5. The PHILIPS Indoor Grill

An indoor grill from Philips is certainly on my Christmas shopping list. The latest model uses advanced infrared technology to reduce grease splattering and minimize smoke. Given that I currently live in a small apartment, using a conventional grill pan can be very inconvenient, as it makes the whole place smokey. Store advisors at Williams-Sonoma informed me that the PHILIPS Indoor Grill would be ideal for use in a small space with limited ventilation.

6. Misen Knife

When Misen began a Kickstarter campaign last year, I was one of the first supporter. I received my knife from the company this fall and it is one of the best kitchen knives I have ever used. The cost is very reasonable and all cooks are certain to be impressed by the durable and sharpness of the implement.

7. Mockmill Home Milling Attachment

A couple of months ago, I posted a comprehensive review of the Mockmill. I was completed floored by how easy and fun the device was to use. The Mockmill allows everyone to get started in the home milling movement and enjoy the flavor of freshly ground flour. The Mockmill home milling attachment is reasonably priced and doesn’t require much kitchen space for operation. It is an awesome gift for natural food enthusiasts and home bakers alike.

8. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Perfect Peeler

My local homeware and kitchen store recommended this peeler and I’m so glad I listened to their advice. I have since bought 12 of them for use in my knife skills classes and all of my students have been incredibly impressed. A good peeler is a must-have for everyone that does a lot of cooking from scratch. The Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Perfect Peeler makes for an ideal stocking stuffer this Christmas!

9. Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus 4-Cup Food Processor

I use my mini food processor just about every day. It’s perfect for chopping nuts or liquidizing small batches of sauces and salad dressings. The Cuisinart model is easy to wash, lightweight and simple to use.

10. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Adjustable Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

This item was another excellent recommendation for my local homeware and cooking store. The Mandoline comes in handy for all sorts of tasks and it fits into standard-sized drawers. It’s ideal for garnishes or times when you only require a handful of small slices. Be sure to purchase the corresponding cut glove for the best experience.


Essential Things Every Restaurant Owner Must Know

Venturing out into the food industry is not an easy feat. Apart from ensuring high-quality and delectable dishes, restaurant owners must also leverage on the advancements in modern technology for their restaurant’s longevity. After all, customers no longer only focus on the menu, but on other aspects such as take out and delivery options through their mobile devices as well. Apart from this, here are other essential things that every restaurant owner must know.

Essential Things Every Restaurant Owner Must Know

Cash flow management

Every restaurant owner must be well adept at managing the cash flow of his restaurant business properly. This may include assessing your credit needs and researching available lending options. An efficient cash flow management will ensure the success of your restaurant business.

Employee management

Every restaurant owner must have the keen eye in hiring good people. Your restaurant’s staff is the most important asset of your business because either they are the front lines for your customers, or they are responsible for the food preparations that can make or break your restaurant’s reputation. It goes without saying that you need to be able to train your staff in handling irate guests because the truth of the matter is, if given a choice nobody really wants to be the receptor of customer complaints.

Customer management

In line with training your employees to be able to handle a wide variety of customers, as a restaurant owner, you should also be capable of connecting with your guests and customers, either online through emails or physically. With this, you will be able to manage your restaurant based on your guest expectations.

Insurance needs

It may seem like everyone and everything needs to be insured nowadays, even restaurants. Come to think of it, insurances simply guarantee that you and your restaurant are covered in certain unfortunate events such as food contamination or equipment breakdown to name a few.

Food contamination coverage will ensure that you will have enough funds to recover losses from spoiled food while an equipment breakdown coverage will ensure that your convection oven will be repaired or replaced if needed in the event of damage. If you do serve alcohol in your restaurant, and a customer who consumed alcohol from your restaurant meets an unfortunate accident after leaving, your restaurant may still be held liable.

But don’t fret, because a liquor liability insurance will guarantee that your legal expenses are covered. Thus, the financial advisers from even state that a proper restaurant insurance coverage should include liquor liability, workers compensation, and employee crime insurance to name a few. Workers compensation insurance, on the other hand, will guarantee that your workers are back on their feet in no time, even if they experience an unfortunate work-related accident.

kitchen-Insurance needs

It can be deemed that a business venture in the food industry is truly a challenging feat. This includes opening up your own restaurant, or maintaining one in this fast-paced world. Nevertheless, once you see the fruits of your labor, the results can be rewarding, not only financially, but emotionally as well.

Marketing Strategy Tips For Restaurant Owners

Marketing Strategy For Restaurant Owners

Getting into the restaurant business is both lucrative and fun for all the food enthusiasts; the amount of love and care you put into your food for thousands of people is one of the things that would make you succeed.

But sometimes you need a little more than that; you need different marketing techniques that can help you get to the next level of prosperity. Take a look below at some of the things you can do to market your restaurant business.

Don't Neglect the Locals

Don’t Neglect the Locals

The mistake of ignoring your local community is dreadful to your business; you should always show care and appreciation to them because you are part of that same community. Occasionally, you should be heading into the town’s busiest spots and promote your restaurant by talking with people and handing out free coupons.

You can also invest in a food truck where you can give people free samples of what you have to offer, telling them what you’re serving on that given day. The locals should be your number one customers and fans, so work on engaging with them as much as you can.

Set Up a Website

Another way that can help market your business is having a website; you have to utilize this tool to give you more opportunities to grow, getting more people from a much larger market.

You should invest in a decent web host to help you with the aspects of the online world and the search engine results; owners can click here to learn more about the importance of SEO and how it can help make your business better. Your website needs all the positive traffic it can get to be successful as it will expose your restaurant to more people and increase your profits eventually too.

Get Help From the Foodies

Since we are living in the digital world, it would be smart to get some extra help from different food influencers, critics, and food bloggers. You can offer them free meals whenever you want your restaurant to be posted on their platforms, and they can tell people just how good you really are.

They already have a fan base, and they can be yours too after reading their opinions and verdicts of the restaurant and the food you serve.

Utilize Social Media

So many social media platforms can be your ticket to more exposure and new customers; it’s one of the best marketing tools for your restaurant because there are millions of people logged on to it daily.

You can post certain types of menu features of the day, cool events or contests in the restaurant, and many more. Anything that gets people interested and attracted can help make your business a lot more famous.

Utilize Social Media

Running this kind of business is more than just making decent food; you need the tools and strategies to help keep your customers coming, and help get new ones in the process.

Having a decent marketing plan will help your business boom with success, thousands of people will remember your restaurant, your staff, your delicious food, and would constantly come back for more.