Car Themed Restaurant Ideas

Car Themed Restaurant Ideas

You might have seen a restaurant that is inside an old double-decker bus. To any other person, it may have looked like a greasy spoon café. However, to some people, it is something magical. What does it take to be a successful restaurant owner? For starters, it takes an endless amount of creativity and thick skin. Remember that there are numerous restaurants in the market. That last hotel you choose can make or break you. 

New restaurants are popping up all the time. So, how can you make your restaurant stand out? What can you do to get people excited? It all comes to great ideas. You will stay true to your values and visions when you tap into creativity.

Additionally, you will be in a good position to grab your customer’s attention. This will make them keep coming back day after day. We have compiled some car-themed restaurant ideas that are worth looking at.

Have Your Restaurant in a VW Beetle

This restaurant is unique such that it is located in a building that resembles a car. It is worth seeing this restaurant. The highly regarded restaurant is found in Austria. Although it consists of an old car inside, you should be guaranteed that it is an ultra-modern building. It boasts a clean modern look in it. You will never go wrong with this car-themed restaurant idea. 

Car Themed Restaurant Ideas

Setup Your Restaurant in a Bus

The exact restaurant will impress you. It is good to know that the nice-looking restaurant is located in Hastings. Although such kinds of restaurants are yet to get any restaurants of the year awards, this idea deserves some recognition. Besides good and tasty food, the staff in this car restaurant will serve you well. It is worth your time if you live in London and you see these buses daily. 

Car Themed Restaurant Ideas


It is arguably the most amazing-themed burger van. Although you can’t technically eat in this shuttle, the food comes from within it. So, it will be good enough for you. The restaurant is not in the car. But customers can still eat in the car. Kindly note that this restaurant is found in Taiwan. You might be aware that Taiwan is home to some of the best car-themed restaurants in the world. 

Car Themed Restaurant Ideas

Yellow School Bus

You might be aware that in the United States of America they have Yellow buses instead of red buses. So it is a great idea if you consider bringing this themed restaurant that makes use of an old school bus. This is the right time to attract more customers by going for the yellow bus restaurant. Besides tasty food, customers like creativity. At the end of it all, your restaurant business will thrive more than you ever thought. So, what are you waiting to invest in this car-themed restaurant idea?

Car Themed Restaurant Ideas


You will still find numerous trains operating today and have a dining cart located on them. With that in mind, you should look for a more static version of these trains. Trains are perfect for being turned into a restaurant because many of the seats already face each other with the tables between. This means that your customers will have spacious rooms to have their meals. Besides attracting more customers who love car-themed restaurants, you will save the cost of building a restaurant building in the long run.

Car Themed Restaurant Ideas

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Benefits of Car Themed Restaurant Ideas

Middle-class people and youth spending have been increasing recently. Car-themed restaurants have become quite a rage with many people in the United States of America. With low investment and minimal risks involved, car themes are becoming a popular choice when it comes to opening a restaurant business. In this section, we will help you understand why people are investing in car-themed restaurants.

Require Low Initial Investment 

A car-themed restaurant has always been considered to be a high-profit business idea. This is mainly because car-themed restaurants require much lower investment when compared to normal restaurant setups. This alone is a competitive advantage of running a car-themed restaurant instead of a regular restaurant. The money you save in setup can be used in marketing and menu engineering. The only main cost in a car-themed restaurant is purchasing that old car. From there, you will be able to fully set up your restaurant within few days and start making crazy profits.

All that is required on your side is to fit your car-themed restaurant with the right equipment that includes heat lamps and grillers. It is also important to purchase other specialty equipment your particular food needs. 

They Involve Low Operational Cost

You need to invest in expensive utilities when owning a restaurant. Additionally, you must have several kinds of stuff including cooks and kitchen managers. Remember that you will also be required to pay property tax if you are the owner of your real estate or monthly rentals if you have rented the property. Therefore, you will have a hard time keeping your operations cost. On the other hand, the operations of a car theme restaurant are limited to food, staff, and gas. Most of the taxes you will pay are far much lower than on regular restaurants.

Car themed Restaurant Ideas Attract More Customers

With high-quality food and marginally less price, car-themed restaurants have become the latest fat among the consumers. Additionally, they are safer and healthier alternatives to food. More people are switching to a great and healthy alternative like car-themed restaurants. 

Most car-themed restaurants attract both genders. When coming up with a car-themed restaurant, it is important to consider the income of residences. Also, you should consider whether the tourist population is the main source of customers. You don’t have to worry when you need Car Detailing in Killeen because 2020 AUTO SPA has got you. You can contact them or schedule a consultation with our professional auto detailing team.  


how to prevent broken pipes 2

How to Prevent Broken Pipes

No one would want to deal with the damages and messes caused by broken pipes. So, what is the main cause of these pipes burst? Water coming into your house from the outside is the basic answer to the bursting of pipes. It is good to know that cold water can cause pipe contraction. The reason behind this is that the pipes are unable to withhold the water pressure.

Ice creates excess pressure that causes the pipes to crack. And that is where the problems begin. It is said that one-eighth of an inch crack can release more than 250 liters of water a day. This water can cause property damages.

So, what can you do to avoid broken pipes? We have rounded up several tips that will keep your pipes safe.

how to prevent broken pipes 5

Make Sure that Your Pipes Are Insulated

You might be aware that uninsulated pipes can freeze. This happens even in warmer climates. There are numerous ways to keep those pipes snug. Adding insulation to pipes in your home is one way to prevent broken pipes. You can agree with me that any improvement center comes with foam insulation available for purchase. All that you need is to wrap the foam around the pipe. This will keep the pipes protected from cold temperatures.

Other common options that will keep your pipes warm include using heat tape. Alternatively, you can consider using temperature-controlled heat cables. As you plan to purchase these products, make sure that they have been approved by Underwriters Laboratories. This guarantees you top quality and safety standards.

Allow Your Faucet Drip

Nowadays, people see a dripping faucet as a problem that should be fixed within a short period. However, it is important to allow your faucet to drip. Regular water flow keeps pressure low in the pipes. Typically, low pressure means that there are fewer chances of those pipes bursting.

Seal up Cracks and Leaks

During the winter period, caulk should be your best friend. You would want to keep as much cold air as possible. With that in mind, always have a careful inspection of your house. This will help you determine if there are any air leaks. The main places to look at are those near windows and dryer vents. Once you find these areas, you can go ahead and use caulk to do the trick. It will help you seal those leaks while at the same time keeping out the chill.

Open Those Doors

It is recommended that the interior doors of your house should be open whether you are home or out of town. The heat will move through the house more efficiently. Opening the doors will help heat reach closer to the pipes. This reduces the risk of pipe freezing.

But Keep the Garage Door Closed

Although you may want to keep your house interior doors open, it is advisable to keep your garage door closed. This will be true especially if your pipes are running through the garage. Additionally, remember to keep the cold air off your walls and pipes as much as possible. You will have added an extra layer of protection if you shut down the garage door.

how to prevent broken pipes 3

Watch That Thermostat 

It is advisable to keep the heat set to not lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit if you are heading out of town. Not many people would want to keep the heat on while they are not at home. However, you will save a lot of money in the end. Therefore, keep your house warmer and avoid broken pipes. It is no secret that water damage costs thousands to repair. That is a lot more than the few dollars it might cost on your heating bill.

Shut Off The Water

Shutting off the main water line is another crucial tip if you are away. Also, you should not forget to drain your water system. All water pipes in the house should be empty. Therefore, no water can freeze inside the pipes. The rupture will be a thing of the past. However, this might not be a good option if you have a fire protection system.

Call an Expert Plumber

A professional plumber will help you locate potential pipe bursts. They will prevent that from ever happening. This problem is very common in cold climates. You can end this problem by moving the pipes to a southern wall. Although it is one of the most expensive procedures, it will be the only option if you are affected by broken pipes. Don’t hesitate to call Apex Disaster Management if you have broken pipes in Atlanta.

Water chlorination

The pipes in your home will be perfectly fine for many years. However, these pipes will never last forever. Corrosion in pipes can occur after years of use. This problem mostly occurs in areas where there is hard water. It has been discovered that the pH balance of the water can cause corrosion since the coating of the pipes becomes worn out. This can lead to poisoning which can be very harmful to your health.

Rust and corrosion build-up will narrow your pipes. Eventually, they will burst. The pipe can also become blocked by rust. Although corrosion is inevitable, you can slow it down. You should not worry about corrosion and rust because water chlorination is here to help you. This method works by increasing bacteria in your pipes. Before treating your pipes, you should consult an expert.

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Disconnect your pipes and store them away

There are more possibilities of having a pipe burst if a garden pipe is left. The pipe that one time expanded with ice will cause the pressure in the pipes to build. The best way to go about it is to disconnect the hose from pipes and later store them safely for spring.

It can be stressful and difficult to deal with broken pipes. But you don’t have to worry about that because Apex Disaster Management professionals will take that work off your plate.

how often should draperies be cleaned 1 - Copy

How Often Should Draperies be Cleaned?

Draperies make the house look more attractive and appealing. You can keep your draperies beautiful for many years with the proper care and maintenance. You can agree with me that draperies are very essential to a home. They are used to prevent the wind from blowing too hard. Also, they allow the right amount of sunlight to come in. However, they require less attention. Therefore, it is very easy to overlook their care.

Homeowners are still unsure how often their draperies should be cleaned. So, how often should you clean your draperies?

Draperies cleaning frequency mainly depends on the kind of environment your draperies are in. Whether your draperies are in the home, resorts, or even restaurants, you should clean your draperies once a year. On the other hand, draperies hanged in schools and theaters can go for more than five years before cleaning them thoroughly.

Keep in mind that it all depends on the general cleanliness of your environment. What if you are in an area with a lot of dust and serious exposure? You can consider cleaning your draperies more often.

how often should draperies be cleaned 1 - Copy

The Lifespan of Draperies

Most draperies last for about seven years. However, they will last for 15 years if you maintain them properly.

Benefits of Cleaning Draperies Often

It is worth noting that your draperies are exposed to dust. Some people fail to clean their draperies, especially during cleaning. Your draperies will appear dull as dirt and dust accumulate. Additionally, your draperies may wear and tear if you don’t clean them occasionally. Here are some of the benefits of cleaning draperies often.

Remove Hidden Dirt and Allergens 

Draperies collect bacteria and allergens that can affect your health. Draperies are made to hang over windows and doors. Therefore, the fabric may come into contact with insects. Moisture can also increase the risk of mold and mildew growth. It is important to note that the contaminants on draperies may negatively affect your health especially if you are suffering from respiratory conditions. There is no doubt that regular cleanings will keep the dirt and debris at bay.

how often should draperies be cleaned

Regular Cleaning Extend the Life of Your Draperies

You can agree with me that your draperies must be a large investment. It is important to clean and care for your window treatments regularly if you want to extend their life. The fabrics are inspected carefully when you consider hiring a professional drapery cleaner. They will determine the best cleaning methods to clean your draperies. You can double the lifespan of your draperies when they are cleaned using professional equipment.

Return Your Draperies to New Condition

Generally, draperies should be cleaned every year depending on if they are used in a home or business environment. Also, the frequency of cleaning your draperies depends on numerous factors such as the type of heating system you own and whether they are touched by pets. A reputable drapery cleaning company will help return your draperies to their new condition. They will enhance the entire look of your room.

how often should draperies be cleaned

Remove Pet Hair

It is no secret that pet hair can get attached to the fabrics. This will make your home unattractive. In turn, it will trigger allergies in the family. If you have pets, they may leave behind unpleasant odors that can cause discomfort in your home. Most professional drapery cleaners work to remove accumulations of pet hair. This prevents allergens from making your life miserable. That being said, you should have drapery cleaning more often if you have multiple pets. This is done to prevent dander from building up.

Replace Bad Odors with a Fresh Scent

Draperies are known to trap odors especially in homes with regular smokers and other things that can cause unpleasant smells. You can make the odors worse if you attempt to mask the smell with air fresheners or candles. Therefore, you need to have the draperies cleaned by professional drapery cleaners to remove the odors for good. In most cases, they use fabric cleaning products and gentle cleaning equipment.

how often should draperies be cleaned

When draperies Require More Frequent Cleaning

You should clean your draperies more frequently if the following factors play a role in your home.

  • Allergies. It is said that draperies can trap numerous allergens that include dust and pet hair. Regular draperies cleaning should always be a part of the household routine if your family members suffer from allergies.
  • Smoking. Cigar and Pipes smoke particles can easily be trapped in draperies. If you don’t want to have a strong smell of smoke in your house, make sure to have plenty of fresh air by cleaning your draperies every month if possible.
  • You live near the Sea. Salt is the number one enemy if you live near the sea and you have sea views. It is good to keep in mind that salt sea air can affect your draperies. Frequent cleaning is a must if you want to extend the life of your draperies.

Machine Washing

You can clean the draperies yourself if they are machine washable. It would be better when you pick a sunny day to let them dry in the open air. Afterward, you should iron your draperies while they are still damp. Remember to hang them immediately. This prevents wrinkling. Keep in mind that draperies are made with a lot of fabric. This makes them unmanageable in a constrained home environment. What if you are concerned about your washing machine not being big enough? It can be better if you get professional help.

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Dry Cleaning Draperies

Silk draperies should be cleaned by a professional drapery cleaning company. The main reason behind this is that hot water and constant rubbing action can cause excessive damage such as fading to your drapery. Draperies can be an expensive investment. Therefore, you should look after them often.

If you don’t want your home to look like a rehash, Elegant Windows & Décor is the right place. Our professionals will make your interior reflect your personality and style. You can contact them for high-quality custom draperies or blinds in Jamesburg, NJ.

how much does it cost to install a mini split system 4

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Mini-Split System?

Have you ever heard about cordless mini splits and wondered about their cost? What about their efficiency and usefulness when compared to a traditional air conditioning system? You are not alone. Mini Split systems have emerged as an ideal solution for heating and cooling problems. A reliable mini-split system will give you a high level of control over your home temperature. It will achieve this while at the same time reducing costs. 

There are a couple of factors to consider when determining if a mini-split system is right for your needs. In this article, we have laid out the factors determining the cost of a mini-split system and how each can contribute to your home comfort. At the end of the article, you will know how much a mini-split can cost. This will help you decide whether a mini-split system is right for you.

A single air conditioner costs about $6,000 to install. On the other hand, the average cost to install a three-zone mini-split cannot exceed $10,500. It is good to know that each additional mini split AC zone costs approximately $2,000. However, numerous factors influence the prices of HVAC prices. Some of these factors are size, brand, and zones.

how much does it cost to install a mini split system 4

Single Vs. Multi-Zone System

Usually, a mini-split system comes with at least one indoor unit. You will spend about $1,000 on each additional unit. The multi-zone mini split comes with numerous benefits like the ability to run on many cooling areas in your home. It is also important to note that you can have more than eight indoor units for every outdoor condenser. Sometimes, multi-zone systems are referred to as multi-splits instead of mini splits. Your outdoor condenser will be more powerful if you have more indoor units. This means more cost. The exact price of this varies between the systems.

Average Mini Split System Installation and Labor Costs

Most HVAC works cost about $1,500. On the other hand, a typical installation is valued at $500. Kindly note that systems with the complicated installation process and extra indoor units can be more than $2,000. In such cases, you may need to look for an experienced electrician and carpenter. It is advisable to install an outdoor unit to hook up to if you don’t have one. 

how much does it cost to install a mini split system

Price Factors for Installation

Usually, labor costs depend on your location. That being said, you should always get at least three quotes. Remember that the location of the indoor units and accessibility can influence labor times. Professionals will take about 10 hours of labor to install a double zone system. Here are some of the factors for installation.

  • Location. You will be required to purchase an extra conduit and wiring if you are installing a system on the third floor. Also, you will pay $20 per foot for the materials used. You should expect to pay an additional two hours for labor.
  • Accessibility. How accessible is your location? This can affect labor rates. It is recommended to check with your professional for specific rates. It will be costly if you are located in hard-to-access areas since more time will be required to run the lines.
  • Permitting. You don’t need any kind of permit for this type of work. Your professional will advise you on this if the state requires any type of permit. Remember to check HOA guidelines before starting any exterior project. 

Zone Cost Factors

You will have increased labor rates by more than $300 with each additional indoor unit. Kindly note that each unit requires electrical lines which are run inside the conduit. 

Lowest Priced Mini Split AC Unit

DAIKIN 9K BTU 19-Series is considered the lowest-priced mini-split. This model goes for $1,000. You can also get cheaper combo units and a cooling wall-mounted system. 

how much does it cost to install a mini split system

Meaning of SEER Rating

SEER Rating has more to do with cost. The higher the SEER rating, the more your unit will be efficient. Higher ratings not only mean lower energy costs but also higher unit prices. However, these ratings vary and can reach up to 26. 

The Best Mini Split for Cooling

Air conditioners and mini-split systems are equally effective at cooling. What is the main difference between a heat pump and an air conditioner? The main difference here is that the heat pump is easily reversed in a short period. 

How can you calculate the mini-split unit size you need in your house?

Consulting an HVAC pro is by no doubt the best way to calculate the size of the mini-split unit. The HVAC pro will do a heat load calculation. In case you want a rough estimate, you can use 24 BTUs per square foot. The number of people in the house and the quality of insulation play a crucial role in cooling requirements.

The Cost of operating a Mini-Split System

A mini-split system is 60% efficient when compared to central air conditioning. It would be better if you ask your HVAC installation company to provide you with an estimate of the proposed system efficiency. This will help you have rough estimates of your bills. The operating costs of the mini-split system depend on the climate and external temperatures. Factors such as the size of your home and insulation can also affect the operating costs. To have efficient air conditioning, you should consider air sealing your home and upgrading your windows and doors.

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Can you DIY install a mini-split system?

Although it is possible to install a mini-split system, it would be better if you hire an HVAC installer. Professionals from ABOVE AND BEYOND PLUMBING & HEATING will help you determine the exact cooling needs for your home. People have praised us as the best mini-split installer in Grafton. So, this is the right time to take advantage of 10% off your next cooling services. For more than eight years now, we have been trusted by home and business owners for mini-split installation services in Grafton, MA

How Often to Do Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

How Often to Do Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

It is indisputable that restaurants have a lot of traffic than a personal home. Nowadays, most restaurant owners prefer investing in high-traffic and durable carpets that will last for years. The main problem in restaurant carpets is getting dirty faster. They need a lot of frequent cleaning. So, how often should you clean your restaurant carpets?

It is recommended to have preventive cleaning 24 times a year. Remember the more you clean your carpet, the better. With that in mind, you should clean your carpet once a month. However, the answer to this depends on the specifics of your building. Here are several factors that determine how often you should clean your restaurant carpet.

How Often to Do Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

Foot Traffic

It is the most important factor to consider. The amount of traffic your restaurant receive should impact the number of times you should have restaurant carpet cleaning services. You need to pay more attention to areas that are frequently used by customers and employees. But that does not mean other areas should be ignored. Every part of your restaurant is important.

Space Type

What type of space do you own or manage? There are different kinds of recommendations for different spaces. You need to have quarterly carpet cleaning if you have a large restaurant with a bar. Before deciding on it, you can ask a professional carpet cleaning company what is best for your restaurant.

Carpet Color

It is worth noting that some colors and styles require higher frequency when compared to others. Generally, carpet with a higher nap and brighter colors should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

how often carpet cleaning for restaurants 2

Carpet Maintenance 

You can agree with me that cleaning your carpets is just like maintaining any other item in your restaurant. There is no need to wait for visible stains and signs of dirt. At this point, your customers will notice that the restaurant is not in good condition. That being said, you should make sure that you have regular carpet cleaning with the Carpet Sanitizer cleaning services.

Cleaning Frequency

The recommended thorough cleaning for most restaurants is every six months. However, there are few exceptions to this rule.

  • Do you have vacuum cleaning and spot cleaning each night?
  • How do seasons affect your carpet?

Some businesses such as restaurants and nursing homes recognize that they have greater foot traffic. Most of the institutions with high foot traffic schedule regular carpet cleaning every month. This prevents dirt from building up and stains from setting in. You will be able to extend the life of your high-quality restaurant carpet by more than five years if you consider having routine maintenance.

How Often to Do Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

Outside The Regular Schedule

Yes, it is crucial to have a regular carpet cleaning, but there are special circumstances when you have to change the routine. Some of these conditions include:

  1. Wintertime weather. You can attest that winter brings salt, sand, and a lot of water from the parking lot. So, you should always clean your carpet during winter. This will increase the durability of your restaurant carpet.
  2. Exposure. Restaurant carpets are always exposed to chemicals such as oil. These chemicals stain the carpet to the extent that even the professional cleaner will have a hard time removing the stains. Therefore, you should clean them immediately or they will end up causing damage to your expensive restaurant carpet.
  3. Foot Traffic. You have hosted a special meeting for your business. An increase in traffic from your visitors will leave dirt and debris. This will make the fibers break down.

How Often to Do Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

Protective Measures

It is advisable to use protective mats near the entryways if you want to prolong the life of your restaurant carpets. Kindly don’t worry about the emergency exits. You only need to use protective mats on high-traffic entryways. Most of the entryways are next to the front entry and stairs. Also, advise your customers to wipe their feet as they access the building. This will reduce the spread of debris in your restaurant.

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Best Practices to Keep Your Carpet Looking Nice after Cleaning

  • Vacuuming. It is regarded as one of the most effective ways of removing dirt from the carpet. Are you using the right vacuum? Remember to use the vacuum slowly over the carpet. This should be done in forwarding and backward directions. High traffic areas like corridors should be vacuumed daily. If that is not possible, you can try to vacuum three times a week. On the other hand, conference rooms in your restaurant should be vacuumed once a week.
  • Spot Cleaning. There are more chances of removing the stain spot successfully if you remove it immediately. It is a good idea to have a professional check your restaurant carpet regularly for any stains. This can also be done as part of the carpet preventive maintenance program.
  • Preventive Cleaning. Having your restaurant cleaned at regular intervals is the best method to keep your restaurant carpet looking good. This may differ from different areas based on the state of the carpet usage and traffic.

How Often to Do Carpet Cleaning for Restaurants

There are several reasons why you should clean your restaurant carpet regularly. Firstly, regular carpet cleaning beautifies the carpet. This provides customers with a nice and memorable eating space. Additionally, it will save you the cost of replacing the carpet. The dirty carpet wears out faster. Plus, professional uses heat to kill anything in the carpets.

There are numerous reasons why you should leave your carpet cleaning to professionals. Do you want to make sure that your restaurant provides the best possible first impression to customers and employees? Make sure to call top-notch cleaning experts at The Carpet Sanitizers. We are well known to provide professional carpet cleaning and restoration in Pasadena, MD. People prefer us because we provide personalized services based on the customer’s needs. In the end, our professional carpet cleaners will make you a lifetime customer so that you can always count on us when you need to remove tough stains or dirt on your carpets.

Wooden Glass Door Design for Restaurant 6

Wooden Glass Door Design for Restaurant 

It is no secret that doors are vital to any property. Besides functioning as entry and exit points, doors provide other numerous benefits such as safety, blocking, and external noise. It is worth noting that the specific type of material you choose for your doors is very crucial. The wooden glass door design should be a top choice for your restaurant. 

You can agree with me that no building material is more attractive than a wooden glass door design. It is important to know that using wood to make a door is an old practice. This design has stood the test of time. The wooden glass door design has a timeless beauty. That’s why you should consider having a wooden glass door design for your restaurant. 

A combination of wood and glass for your restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best. It is very crucial in terms of modern functionalities and benefits. The wooden glass door design is not only suitable for both interior but also exterior doors. While exterior wooden glass door design provides optimum security, interior wooden glass door design offers an aesthetic appeal. This design will provide high end feel to your restaurant. The wooden glass door design for the restaurant has numerous characteristics. Let’s take a close look at some of these characteristics. 

Wooden Glass Door Design for Restaurant 6


Wood is a natural and versatile building material. There is a wide range of wooden glass door designs. The best thing about these wooden glass doors is that they can be tailored to fit into any type of interior décor. Another crucial thing to note is that a wooden glass door design can suit all the functionalities in your restaurant. 


Durability is one of the most important characteristics of a wooden glass door design for a restaurant. Wood is a natural product that has for many years been used for construction purposes. It is used even in harsh environments. There is no doubt that wood is a very reliable and stable material for your restaurant doors.

Wooden Glass Door Design for Restaurant 5

Noise Insulation

Noise pollution is harmful to health. It is said that noise can cause permanent damage both physiologically and psychologically. You should consider a wooden glass door design for your restaurant if you want to safeguard yourself and your customers from the negative effects of noise. Remember that these doors offer acoustic insulation. 

Wood has the properties that keep away the noise. It guarantees a quiet environment in your restaurant. When the properties of soundproof glass are combined with those of wooden frame doors, they will together provide customers with the perfect setting inside the restaurant. 

Wooden Glass Door Design for Restaurant 

Energy Efficient 

The interiors of your restaurant will be more energy efficient when wooden doors are combined with energy-efficient glass. Typically, wooden doors with Low-E glass trap heat. These doors keep the interiors warm even during winter. Also, your restaurant spaces will be cool in the summer since the glass reflect the sun’s heat away. 

Additionally, wooden doors made with low-E glass will help you maintain the perfect temperature zone inside your property. Away from that, you don’t have to invest in artificial cooling and heating systems. This will in turn help you reduce your energy bills. Having glass in your wooden door means that your restaurant will have natural light. This will not only illuminate your space but also reduce the need for extra lights. Hence, you will have saved a lot of energy in your restaurant. 

Adding Low-E glass to the wooden doors also protects the interior of your property from sun glare and other harmful UV rays that can affect the customers and employees in the restaurant.

Wooden Glass Door Design for Restaurant 2


Wooden doors are very strong and sturdy. When they are paired with toughened glass, they will undoubtedly provide optimum security to your restaurant. Wooden doors with toughened glass have emerged as a secure way to protect the restaurant from physical intrusion and breakage. Restaurant owners prefer these doors because they are impact-resistant.

Tips When Choosing the Right Wooden Glass Door Design for Your Restaurant 

There are a few things every restaurant owner should consider when choosing the right kind of wooden glass door design. Here are a few things you should look at to ensure that the door you are purchasing is perfect for your restaurant.


The first step towards your investment is to determine your budget. You should look at several things when setting your budget. Here are some of these ideas.

  • How would you like the durability of your restaurant door to be?
  • Is the door going to be used to conserve the heat and energy of the room it is attached to? 
  • Is there any need to purchase other accessories such as hinges and brackets to mount your wooden glass door?

You may feel as though you can cut labor costs by taking on the project yourself. However, you will have a hard time completing the task if you don’t have the skills. That’s why it is advisable to look for an experienced garage door company like ISLAND DOORS.INC. We have been providing commercial door repair in Brevard County for many years. 

Wooden Glass Door Design for Restaurant 7


Size is one of the most important factors when buying a door. The majority of restaurants have the same sized door frames. However, these dimensions can vary from room to room. Therefore, it is important to measure the frames before purchasing your dream wooden glass door design. If you are in doubt, you can consult a professional door company

Wooden glass door designs have continued to gain a lot of popularity in the restaurant industry all around the world. With a huge range of wooden glass door designs and styles, there is a glass door that will suit your restaurant. This is the right time to start enjoying the benefits of a wooden glass door design by visiting ISLAND DOORS.INC. Our friendly members of staff can help you find the best wooden glass door design for your restaurant. You can always count on us to inspect your restaurant doors.

Steel Staircase Design for Restaurant 2

Benefits of Steel Staircase Design for Restaurant 

It is indisputable that a staircase is an integral part of a restaurant. The staircase is used multiple times a day. That’s why they should be in the best condition. It is a fun process when choosing the steel staircase design. The right materials for the staircase should not only be comfortable but also cost-effective. Also, the materials should be aesthetically appealing. Structural steel is one of the most popular materials with such benefits. Many restaurants have structural steel staircases along with other unique components on their buildings.

Steel staircase is an excellent choice because of several reasons that go beyond design and functionality. The steel staircase design is a versatile building material with perks for the environment. We have rounded up the benefits of having a steel staircase design in your restaurant. Let’s have a look.

Steel Staircase Design for Restaurant 3

It Is a Modern Aesthetic

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed numerous trends in modern architecture that lean towards sleek minimalist designs. Nowadays, steel is associated with modern and sophisticated applications. It is worth noting that steel pairs perfectly with glass and other materials. Besides that, steel is an extremely flexible material. This material has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. What does this mean? You can fashion steel to suit the needs of forward-thinking designers. 

Additionally, steel can be finished with several coatings. This opens up the scope of designers to be creative with colors and patterns. 


Steel is made up of iron and other materials. The main reason why structural steel is used in restaurant stairs is that it is an extremely strong metal. Steel staircase design can hold extreme conditions like natural calamities and excessive weight. Steel is five times strong when compared to concrete and timber stairs. So, why should you not use a steel staircase design in your restaurant? This material will never disappoint you.

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An Economic Choice

Although structural steel is a favorable material across the board in the construction and design industry, steel is still an affordable material. It is no secret that structural steel is one of the most economic building materials available when you consider versatility and sturdiness. 

You should be guaranteed that raw structural steel is relatively inexpensive. Over the years, steel fabrication has become less labor-intensive. Thanks to the advancement in tools and technology. Both of these factors will help you reduce building costs in your restaurant. 


Steel staircases are made to last long. Unlike other materials, a structural steel staircase does not corrode or expand even after many years. Another crucial thing to note is that steel staircases are free from pests and other damages. They are not affected by drastic climatic change. Besides being rust and corrosion-proof, you will have an easy time maintaining the staircase. You only need to mop your restaurant stairs monthly or weekly basis. This will keep them shining. 

It is the high rigidity and sturdiness that make structural steel a top-quality material in taking any kind of impact. Therefore, you should consider a steel staircase design because they will serve you for decades.

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An Environmental Alternative

Felling trees across the world is one of the major contributors to global warming. It has emerged as a demise of our natural environment. It is important to note that a large wooden staircase requires huge amounts of fresh lumber. These are sourced by cutting down trees. The wooden staircase is completely non-recyclable.

On the other hand, steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world. This material has a global recycling rate of more than 60%. That is the reason steel staircase designs are considered the most eco-friendly choice for any restaurant. 


Steel is a malleable material. You can mold and customize this material into any shape and pattern. That being said, steel can be used to create a traditional staircase. Besides, you can mold steel into spiral and other staircase designs. Thanks to the high material versatility and customizable properties. So, this is the right time to get different types of custom staircases for your restaurant with structural steel.

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A Reliable Solution

As we said earlier in the article, steel is made up of iron and other components mainly carbon elements. Iron and carbon discourage dislocation at an atomic level. This makes structural steel a prime material for constructing staircases. Additionally, structural steel is non-combustible, unlike wood. Plus, galvanized steel is quite impervious to corrosion. You will love the structural steel staircase since it requires minimal maintenance and care. You can always count on steel.

Creating Unique Designs

You can have any design in your restaurant with structural steel. Steel can be combined and perfectly match with timber or even glass material. This allows you to create real an amazing factor. You can have one built around a large portion of your restaurant. Steel should always be your material of choice if you want an elegant or hard edge design.

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Long term Investment

The steel staircase design is economical as it gets. There is no need to keep on maintaining steel staircases. Therefore, you will never have to replace any structural components. The best thing about steel staircases is that they don’t need painting. This makes them a great long-term investment that will be cost-effective. 

It does not matter what kind of design your restaurant has. The steel staircase design is the ultimate installation that will uplift the prestige of your restaurant. At Pigeon River Custom Metalwork, we have the ability and the expertise to create a wide range of restaurant staircases. Also, we will help you transform your restaurant into something extraordinary. The reason why people choose us is that we build steel staircases design to client specifications. It is the right time to take advantage of our extensive experience in providing professional steelworks. You can contact them if you want to ditch timber and opt for Steel Staircase in Asheville, NC

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9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Businesses in the hospitality sector must prepare for the drop in temperatures when the cold weather starts. There may arise many problems due to the extreme cold that interrupt restaurant operations. As a restaurant owner, you should start thinking about how the winter season can impact your business. You can prepare your restaurant for winter when you plan. And if you are very clever, your restaurant business will continue to thrive even in colder months. The big question is: How can you make this happen? We have compiled useful tips that will help you prepare your restaurant for winter.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Properly Insulate Your Pipes

Pipes freeze and after that burst when the temperatures are very low. This can lead to loss of water and potential flooding. In turn, you will be left with a heft bill as a restaurant owner. You must properly insulate your pipes if you want to prevent this. It is advisable to insulate the pipes especially if your restaurant is located in unheated areas. Pipes in these areas are more likely to freeze. Both hot and cold water pipes should be insulated.

Pipe insulation will take some time and effort if you don’t have the skills. That’s why you should consider contacting a reputable contractor to help you take care of this. They will advise what pipes to insulate, and the task will be done right away.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Prepare Your Sprinkler System

Besides preparing your pipes for winter, it is also essential to prepare your sprinkler system. It is advisable to maintain the fire sprinkler system regularly. So, the fire sprinkler system will be ready once the winter arrives. You don’t have to worry about freezing lines if your system is properly maintained and installed.

There are two types of sprinkler systems which are dry and wet. Maintenance and preparation of these systems mainly depend on the system you have installed. Pipes have water running through them in wet systems. On the other hand, dry systems have pressurized air. The primary function of pressurized air is to prevent water from flowing through the lines.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Parking Lot Maintenance 

It is necessary to maintain your parking lot more often. Maintaining the parking lot includes several activities such as paving and filling potholes. You should also reseal the lot before the first snowfall. By this, you will have extended the life of your parking lot while still increasing the level of safety. Better yet, you will receive a lot of appreciation from your customers since the parking lot will not ruin their tires. Also, you will have more issues if you fail to maintain your parking lot.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Secure a Contract for Snow and Ice Removal

You would not only want to maintain your parking lot before winter, but you also want to have a snow removal contract. In the contract, you should indicate the specific areas you want them to plow. In that case, you should direct the contractor to plow in your parking lot. What if your parking lot is on the smaller side? Discuss with them on removing the snow from the property. You will end up keeping the parking lot open for customers while at the same time increasing your profits.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Sidewalk Safety

Always ask the contractor to keep the sidewalks and walkways clean and free of snow when discussing snow removal contracts. It has been discovered that slips and falls are the number one major cause of restaurant accidents. Most of these accidents occur on level surfaces. So, you should try your best to minimize the number of accidents. Additionally, you should have shovels and salt in case things worsen.

Indoor Floor Safety

Customer’s shoes bring snow or rain when they enter your establishment. This makes the floors slippery. To prevent accidents, you can add mats at the entrance of your establishment. Another thing you should not forget is placing caution signs or cones. This will warn customers that the area is slippery.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Prepare For Power Outages

There are more possibilities of power outages in winter. Every restaurant owner would want to prevent power outages because they cause wastage of food and losses. But it is good to have a plan in case there is an outage. The best way to prepare yourself is to purchase a generator. A generator is one of the most crucial things every restaurant should have in winter times. Also, the generator can be used to power refrigerators and emergency lights. Additionally, it is useful for operating other kitchen equipment.

Backup generators ensure that your food is at the optimum temperature. Employees in the restaurant should be aware of the temperature danger zones if they can’t power their refrigerators. This ensures that all food is handled in the right manner.

What if purchasing a generator is not in your budget? You can partner with a reliable company that provides heating solutions. This will keep your customers comfortable if the power goes out.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

Inspect Your HVAC System

HVAC is another system in a restaurant that should be inspected regularly. This ensures that your system is always working. Regular maintenance means that you won’t have system failure in the future. The main essence of having your HVAC inspected is to know whether it is operating efficiently.

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Control the Heat in Your Kitchen

It is important to control the temperatures in your kitchen now that the temperature has cooled down. Heat in the kitchen will result in an increase in heat in the dining room. Already the kitchen is hot because of the kitchen equipment. You can purchase a portable AC unit to prevent heat in the kitchen from becoming unbearable. Alternatively, you can install a zone heating system although they are very expensive.

We know that it is difficult to adjust the operations in your restaurant. However, it is a must if you want your restaurant to thrive during winter. As you prepare your restaurant for winter, it is important to look for a reputable snow plowing company like Larry Dore and Associates. Also, you can contact them for Commercial Snow Removal in Sunbury, OH.

How much does an IKEA kitchen cost 5 - Copy

How Much Does an IKEA Kitchen Cost?

The costs of Kitchen remodeling have been growing at an alarming in the last couple of years. That is why budget-conscious homeowners prefer having an IKEA Kitchen. It is good to know that IKEA Kitchen can be an ideal solution for a new and stylish kitchen.

There are numerous cheap kitchen remodeling options out in the market. However, IKEA provides top-notch value in terms of the overall price of installation and looks. The puzzle of estimating the cost of a kitchen depends on many variables. Typically, every variable represents a choice to be made. Every choice you make will bring a different cost. That is where IKEA comes in.

The best thing about IKEA is that they have a wide range of prices in each category. Also, they have different types of countertops that include custom-sized and standard-sized. It is a straightforward process to estimate the cost if you are replacing your old cabinets with new ones. The reason behind this is that you can make a simple one-to-one comparison.

It is important to note that IKEA cabinets come flat packed and unassembled. Whether you want to assemble or install yourself is one of the key decisions you will make. Do you want to engage a contractor to do that for you? Kindly note that everything you do on your plumbing and kitchen configuration will add to the final expense. You can attest that these costs can’t be factored into the average cost for a typical kitchen.

How much does an IKEA kitchen cost 5 - Copy

The Per Cabinet Comparison Method

It is another method that is used to gauge the prospective cost of new IKEA cabinets. Typically, this method involves several existing cabinets in your current kitchen. From there, you should multiply that number by $246. This method not only averages the cost of IKEA cabinets but also the molding from the possible range. Another crucial thing to note about this method is that it assumes that you are not replacing the arrangements of cabinets. You can add $200 to each cabinet in the kitchen if you want to estimate the real cost of installing those cabinets.

How much does an IKEA kitchen cost 1 - Copy

Estimating by Linear Feet

Do you have an accurate plan for your new kitchen? In that case, you will have an easy time estimating the cost of your kitchen. The price difference lies in the choice of the visible part of the cabinet. Keep in mind that the difference between the lowest and highest price of IKEA hardware is in dollars. You can safely average all these costs. Deciding the style you want to have in your kitchen is the first step in determining the cost of an IKEA kitchen. What type and styles do you want in your countertops? This can be estimated based on the actual linear feet of space occupied by cabinets.

Usually, the figures you use are obtained by having an average of all possible configurations. Most of these assume an assortment of upper and lower cabinets. The cost estimates vary from the actual costs.

How much does an IKEA kitchen cost 4

The Best Ways to Estimate the Cost of IKEA Cabinets

  • Measure the actual length of wall spaces. This is where you should install the cabinets. The total length of wall spaces should be in inches.
  • Subtract the door openings. You should also do this for appliances and any other gaps in the cabinetry.
  • Divide the total by 12. From there, you can convert the length in inches to linear feet.
  • Visit IKEA online. This will help you find the average cost per panel. You can estimate the cost of the IKEA cabinet door of your choice. The estimate here is normally expressed in price ranges instead of style names. It is because some styles are eliminated from the line.
  • Remember to find the price range. The price range should correspond to the price of your style choice.

How much does an IKEA kitchen cost 3 - Copy

How to Estimate the Cost of Countertops

You can use the linear foot measurement to have a rough estimate of your costs if you will be sourcing your countertops from IKEA. All those base cabinets need countertops. As you do it, remember that it is just a quick measurement that will help you make an approximation. It is recommended to have more accurate details when ordering the countertops.

Nowadays, IKEA deals in several different materials such as laminate, solid wood, and acrylic. Each of these materials has different levels of quality. You can find some of the counter materials in prefabricated lengths. In the end, the savings will be substantial if your kitchen can accommodate the actual length of a countertop. IKEA allows their customers to decide on whether they want acrylic or quartz. You can go ahead and consult them online to know the price per square foot of your desired countertop material.

In most cases, the square foot price of the IKEA countertop ranges from $39 to about $69. These prices are inclusive of installation and fabrication. With that in mind, you should do the following:

  • Find the preferred size of your desired countertop.
  • Multiply the size by the price above.
  • Double the total amount to get two-foot counter depth.
  • The resulting number should give you a close estimate for the countertops.

How much does an IKEA kitchen cost 2

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Appliances and Additional Costs

Once you have determined the items to purchase, you will have an easy time adding these calculations. Other factors that you should consider include flooring and lighting fixtures. Although your estimates will never be exact, they will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

If you want to install an IKEA kitchen, it would be better to hire an experienced and reputable company like White Pine Design and Build. They have been helping clients to make smart investments in their homes for many years. Also, they provide professional and affordable contracting services to help you get your dream home. So, if you have any questions regarding IKEA kitchen installation, look no further than White Pine Design and Build.

Why do I invest in a laundromat next to my restaurant 5

Why do I Invest in a Laundromat Next to My Restaurant

It is worth noting that Laundromat is a self-service business. In this business, an investor provides facilities. Customers may benefit from those facilities. In the last couple of years, Laundromat has been gaining a lot of popularity day by day. Besides the demand, this business comes with marvelous benefits. These benefits encourage people to invest in the Laundromat business.

The best thing about this business is that it requires low capital and has a high return. You will have the freedom to control your schedule when you own a Laundromat. There are more possibilities of being successful when you do your homework by studying location demographics, store design, and signage. As you plan to invest in this business, you should be guaranteed that it is a great industry.

Why do I invest in a laundromat next to my restaurant 5

The benefits of investing in Laundromat can be discussed as:

Easy to Start With Low Investment 

You need to have several automated washing machines when investing in Laundromats. As an investor, you should look for the investment capacity before starting your Laundromat business. Also, you should learn about the cost margin of running up that business. Everyone would want a low investment with a low-cost business setup. That’s why you should invest in Laundromat next to your restaurant because it fulfills this criterion. It boasts of all the benefits related to investment matters.

You don’t need to have a large investment plan to purchase detergents and fabric softeners. Therefore, you should not have any worry if you have limited resources and you want to start up a Laundromat. Plus, you can easily expand your business after a stable setup. All that you need to do is analyzing the location and demand of the customers of that area. It is also important to purchase high-quality machines.

Why do I invest in a laundromat next to my restaurant 2

Low Costs after Investments

The cost of maintaining the liabilities is very occasional with a low-cost plan after you have started up the Laundromat business. At times, you will be required to change the spare parts of washing machines and edible machines. You can manage all these expenses from the running business. So, these expenses will not be heavy on your pockets.

Income from Laundromat Business

Income for this investment is stable and reliable. The good return of investment amount is quite ideal to invest in Laundromats. It is possible to open a Laundromat on franchising.

Why do I invest in a laundromat next to my restaurant 1

Stable Customer Base

You can agree with me that indeed customer loyalty is very precious for the success of a business. Your Laundromat business will have a stable customer base if you are providing reliable and high-quality services. It is quite an easy task to provide this package to customers. Additionally, it is approachable with no major take-ups. Customers will continue visiting your Laundromat again and again once they are satisfied with what you offer. In turn, this will give Laundromat business owner a stable customer base.

Recession Resistant Business 

Do you know that the way you wear defines your personality? Nowadays, the world is very much conscious about our looks. That’s the reason you should always have clean clothes. Other than this, numerous clothing items include towels and beddings which are necessary as other primary needs. People living in limited places mainly depend on the Laundromat business. Also, the Laundromat business benefits a lot from renters and hostel students. These will help your business grow continuously. Besides giving the investor good profit, the Laundromat business will increase in demand over time.

All in Cash Business with No Credits

You pay first and get the facilities in a Laundromat business. Customers are required to pay in the form of coins. Recently, we have witnessed advancement in operating this business because customers can bill using different applications and network systems. Investing in this type of business prevents late payments and credits. Because of this, the highly regarded Laundromat business gives you all cash. This is mainly done through applications and other networking systems.

Why do I invest in a laundromat next to my restaurant 3 - Copy

High Return of Investment Business

Studies conducted by investment experts have shown that Laundromat business has a 95% success rate. This is quite high when compared to other business options. It is also good to know that the Laundromat business gives more than 30% return on the investment in initial years. This business will run without any issue once the Laundromat business is established. When you market your Laundromat business, it will guarantee you a good profit mark.

Scalable to the Needs

People prefer this kind of business because it requires a small capital investment regardless of the size of the Laundromat business. The Laundromat business can be started under the needs of the investment. You will be guaranteed a great profit with little investment.

High Flexibility

Flexibility to adjust to lifestyle is the greatest benefit you will realize in the Laundromat business. Although you might not be able to adjust your lifestyle according to your Laundromat business, it is possible to adjust the business setup according to your lifestyle. Additionally, you will have an easy time balancing between your work and lifestyle. You don’t need to spend eight hours at the workplace to manage it. You can manage your business without even being present.

Why do I invest in a laundromat next to my restaurant 4

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Low Labor Cost

Remember that the Laundromat business takes a lot of labor from customers. What does the major reason for the low labor cost? It is all about to do with less maintenance of things and self-service for the customers. It is advisable to maintain the cleanliness and other services for ease of customers. The low labor feature is quite different when compared to other retail businesses. This makes it not only demanding but also profitable.

There is no doubt that the Laundromat business is very profitable and comes with multiple benefits. If you don’t have time to do your laundry, then you should look for more affordable services like those offered by West Melbourne Laundromat. They take pride in making sure that all customers around West Melbourne are satisfied. Their Laundromat in Melbourne is equipped with efficient washers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them.