6 Crenova 4-in-1 electronic wine opener

Highest Rated Electric Wine Opener: Top Picks and Review

Over the years, most wine lovers have always made use of a manual wine bottle opener.  A manual wine key corkscrew works about just fine except for a few discrepancies that you can get from using a manual wine opener. For instance, if you use a manual wine key corkscrew at a wrong angle, it might result in not being able to get the cork out, or the cork itself can get damaged, in fact, you might have to filter out pieces of the corkscrew from inside your wine bottle as soon as you get it opened. However, to avoid these difficulties that come with the usage of manual wine key corkscrew, hence, the emergence of an electric wine opener.

With an electric wine opener, all you have to do is to hold the corkscrew over the bottle, use an electric button, and the cork is removed. Previously, one of the few reservations wine lovers had about the electric wine opener is the bulkiness and loud contraptions that come with the electrical devices. However, the latest technologies have provided a solution to these issues as you don’t have to worry about bulkiness. The latest designs have been modeled to have the corkscrew hidden in stylish gadgets that can be placed in a permanent spot in your bar.

In this article, we aim to highlight our top picks of electric wine opener, their features, advantages, and disadvantages, providing you with enough information to decide what your best rated electric wine opener is. Let’s dive right in!

Here is our top pick of electric wine openers

Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener

Cuisinart vacuum sealer cordless wine opener

Secura electric wine bottle corkscrew opener

Brookstone automatic wine opener

Ozeri travel series rechargeable electric wine opener

Crenova 4-in-1 electronic wine opener

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Highest Rated Electric Wine Opener

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle opener

The Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener comes in a sleek design.  Also, it is very easy to use, with just a single touch, you can uncork your wine bottle. You only have to hold the opener, the corkscrew will penetrate and remove the cork with just the push of a button. Furthermore, the Oster cordless electric wine opener coasts of a soft-grip handle, that measures about 2.25 inches in diameter.

Also, this wine bottle opener features a charging base that measures 5.5 X 5.3 inches. This unit allows the device to recharge in 6 to 9 hours and with the Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener, you can open 30 bottles of wine without needing a recharge. Lastly, the device comes with an extra feature, the foil cutter.

1 Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter


  • Comes with a foil cutter
  • Sleek design
  • Single-touch functionality


  • The red light is harsh
  • It is prone to breakage over time

Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer Cordless Wine Opener

Unlike the regular wine openers, the Cuisinart cordless wine opener features a vacuum sealer. The vacuum sealer helps to preserve the freshness of your wine after the wine has been exposed to oxidation. Also, the grip handle is made of rubber and this ensures easy handling of the device.

Furthermore, the charging base occupies a very small area of your bar and it comes with a storage system that houses the foil cutter. On a full charge, the Cuisinart vacuum sealer cordless wine opener can open about 80 wine bottles.

2 Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer Cordless Wine Opener


  • It is sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • It is cordless


  • The battery may stop holding charges after some time

Secura Electric Wine Bottle Corkscrew Opener

The Secura electric wine bottle corkscrew opener features a transparent corkscrew mechanism that allows you to see the corkscrew and cork line through the limpid shell. Also, it comes with a bright LED light that illuminates the inner compartment during the opening. Lastly, the opener comes with a foil cutter, and it can open about 30 wine bottles when fully charged.

3 Secura electric wine bottle corkscrew opener


  • Comes with a transparent corkscrew mechanism
  • Sleek design
  • Comes with a foil cutter


  • The foil cutter can be easily knocked off over time
  • Wobbles on the charger base

Brookstone Automatic Wine Opener

The Brookstone automatic wine opener comes with a black case and steel accents that make the wine opener look sleek. Like other electric wine openers, the Brookstone works with a single touch functionality that specializes in the removal of both natural and synthetic corks. Lastly, the Brookstone wine opener comes with AA batteries that allow the user to open up to 150 wine bottles before new sets of batteries are needed.

4 Brookstone automatic wine opener


  • Sleek


  • Comes with a foil cutter
  • Single touch functionality


  • It is less durable

Ozeri Travel Series Rechargeable Electric Wine Opener

The Ozeri travel-size opener is perfect for both smaller kitchens and wine lovers who love to have their wine on the road. The Ozeri electric wine opener weighs less than 10 ounces and is 7 inches tall. It also boasts of a transparent shell which is excellent for lining up an opener and seeing when the cork has been removed.

Lastly, the Ozeri travel series rechargeable electric wine opener can open about 80 bottles before recharge. Also, it comes with a USB charger.

5 Ozeri travel series rechargeable electric wine opener


  • Comes with a transparent shell
  • Designed for travels and picnics


  • Wobbles on the charger base

Crenova 4-in-1 Electronic Wine Opener

The Crenova electric kit is designed around a non-slip matte wine opener. Also, the electric opener comes with a foil cutter and it’s able to open your wine corkscrew in about 7 seconds just by pushing the up and down buttons. Another interesting feature is the USB cable that can charge your device for about 2 hours. Lastly, the Crenova can open about 80 bottles of wine at a full charge.

6 Crenova 4-in-1 electronic wine opener


  • Powerful opener
  • It’s able to hold a charge


  • It comes with a short USB charging cable

> Check out more types of Wine Opener. there are several types of corkscrews depending on the effort you want to put in, the practicality or just how they look.


Having the best of your wine is important to wine lovers. Having a good wine is not just about getting the right wine but also getting a wine opener that will save you unnecessary stress when it comes to opening your wine bottle. We have highlighted a few electric wine bottle openers, their features, and why each one of them is important.

Now, the ball is in your court, read through the article and carefully pick the wine opener that best suits you.

How to Drink Kahlua to Fully Discover Its Taste 1 copy

How to Drink Kahlua to Fully Discover Its Taste

Kahlua liqueur is appreciated for its rich coffee aroma and strength. This beverage pairs with many other alcoholic drinks perfectly adding specific notes to the taste of the cocktail.

Want to know how to consume it so that this rum-and-coffee aroma and taste could tickle your taste buds?

We know what to advise to you!

How to Drink Kahlua to Fully Discover Its Taste 1 copy

How does it appeared?

Liqueur Kahlua appeared in 1936 when four young Mexicans decided to start their own business. One of them became the ideological inspirer and created the recipe, two others provided first-class coffee, and the fourth managed to transfer the project to commercial rails and start the production of a new drink.

According to one of the versions, the creator of the liqueur, Pedro Domek, named his invention “House of the Akolua People” in honor of the disappeared people of the Mexico City Valley, which sounds like Kahlua in the Aztec language. However, the official website of the company says that the term is taken from the ancient Arabic language and means “coffee”.

In 1994, Pedro Domecq merged with Allied Lyons, and eleven years later, the shares of the company were bought by Pernod Ricard, the largest supplier of alcoholic beverages in the world.

Since 2004, mainly twenty-degree Kahlua has been come to the market, although earlier the liquor had a strength of 26.5%.
For the USA, Canada and Australia, a special variety is provided – Kahlua Especial, which is made from Arabica coffee beans, compared to the usual liqueur, the Especial variety is not so sweet and it is stronger – 36%.

Technology Process

It takes 7 years to make a batch of Kahlua and it takes 6 years to grow the right coffee. The fact is that only special grains are suitable for liqueur, which ripen in the shade, but not in the sun, therefore the process is much slower than under normal conditions. The harvested grains are additionally kept for six months in canvas bags, at which time the manufacturer is creating the alcoholic basis of the drink – rum.

Then rum is infused on coffee beans for 4 weeks, filtered, depending on the recipe, other ingredients are added and the finished drink is bottled.

Kahlua Drinking Culture

This delicious beverage was discovered and originates from sunny Mexica. Since it is made of rum, sugar, and pure arabica, its rich taste adds sweetness to any drink we mix it in. Probably, that is why (and because of its long shelf life) this flavorous alcoholic drink has become so widespread yet it is rather expensive.

Mexican coffee liqueur goes well with milk, cream, coffee and coconut milk. Depending on personal preference, it can be drunk with ice, added to coffee or tea, poured over ice cream, brownie (chocolate cake), sweet pies.

Today, several variations of the original drink exist: you can find a very strong beverage with the taste of espresso, the one with the flavor of dark chocolate and vanilla, and one more flavored with fried hazelnut.

Surprisingly, but many people think Kahlua is only consumed by drinking it – as it is or as a part of different cocktails. But in fact, this liqueur has way more areas of use!

In particular, this beverage is a frequent ingredient in many popular desserts, for instance, ice cream, cheesecakes, and cakes. It is known that people often serve it with cream or milk, add to cocoa, coffee, or a cup of strong black tea.

How to Drink Kahlua to Fully Discover Its Taste 4 copy

But how to drink Kahlua correctly? Shall it be blended with other beverages or not? Well, you have several options.

Mixing it with cocktails

This is one of the most popular variants. You can, for instance, fill a glass with ice cubes, pour halfway Kahlua in it, and stir to chill the drink. Remember to sprinkle it with the orange zest to jazz it up.

Nevertheless, it mixes perfectly with various beverages, too. For instance, vodka, Irish cream liqueur, rum, etc.

Make shooters

No matter whether you are going to have a home party or you just want to treat yourself with a shot of something strong and tasty, this Mexican beverage will be handy.

For instance, you could practice and try to prepare a famous B-52 shot made of Kahlua, cream, and orange liqueurs. The trick is that the drinks must be mixed correctly to create that striped layered texture but we guess you won/t be disappointed if it doesn’t work from the very first time!

Another option is to blend together equal parts of Kahlua and Irish cream topping it with a generous dollop of whipped cream.

Be creative

Liqueurs are not only for drinking! If that is your motto, too, then feel free to experiment and add this sweet and super delicious drink to various goodies.

Are you a hot chocolate fan? Believe us, your favorite drink will become even tastier with a spoonful of this beverage! Make sure you stirred it well to spread the gorgeous taste all over the cup!

Adding Kahlua to decaffeinated coffee is another option. Why decaffeinated? Because consuming alcohol and caffeine is forbidden since it is very bad for your heart! But blending a spoonful or two of liqueur into a mug with a caffeine-free drink will only make it more delicious.

Even milkshakes can be perfectly paired by this beverage (only ensure that your kid is not somewhere around craving to taste what his/her mom or dad is drinking).

Caution Measures

How to Drink Kahlua to Fully Discover Its Taste 5

Since this Mexican beverage contains rum and pure black arabica (which is a rather strong sort of coffee), drinking the liqueur can be not so good for certain people.

  • If you have any heart health issues (e.g. irregular heartbeat rhythms)
  • If you are a pregnant woman
  • If you have any problems with the blood circulation system or blood vessels
  • If you take the medications that must not be mixed with alcohol
  • If you have diabetes

In case you suffer from high blood pressure consuming this beverage (and any other alcoholic drinks) is restricted for you. Be careful and attentive, don’t risk to only take a sip of something that can be harmful to you.

Take care of your wellbeing, and even if alcohol is ok with you, always drink safe!


make coffee

Brewing Techniques: Amazing Ways to Make Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, then the best bit of your day is when you have a long, satisfying sip of your favorite coffee from your favorite coffee shop. But who’s to say that you can’t make it yourself? This is why we’re going to go over the most amazing ways to make coffee so that you don’t have to rely on anyone ever again for that perfect cup that sets your day just right.

First of all, to get any kind of coffee to have an incredible taste, it’s a good idea to invest in a coffee grinder so that you can have fresh ground coffee beans to give you that maximum freshness.

Brewing Techniques Amazing Ways to Make Coffee


Making the perfect shot of espresso relies, first and foremost, on the blend. If you really want to know how to make espresso, then there are a couple of steps you need to keep in mind.

There are certain blends that are made specifically for espresso, Brazilian arguably being the best. Then, you need to make sure that you have a decent espresso machine so that you can get the best quality every time. Most machines need to warm up first, then put a standard shot of around 8 grams of coffee to have a good single shot. Keep in mind that the finer the grind, the better the shot will be.


What stands out about Turkish coffee is that it is extremely fine to the taste. It comes in either completely black or brown varieties. To make the perfect cup of Turkish coffee, you need to invest in the little kettle that has a thin neck and a wide body.

Putting in two heaped teaspoons should do the trick if you want a nice layer on the top, and then add water. The trick to really getting that layer is that you should continually stir while it’s on the stove until it rises a bit, take it off the heat, stir it, then heat it again.


People who find that drinking hot coffee gives them stomach problems have found that cold brew is the solution. The thing is, this kind of coffee takes the longest to make. You need to steep the coffee grinds for between 12 to 36 hours to really get the desired flavor because it’s not done with hot water, but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

We’ve given you these three methods simply because they’re the most popular and said to brew the most delicious cups of coffee! Keep in mind that you’re going to have to practice a couple of times using these different coffee machines and techniques before you get it right, but when you do, you’ll never enter a coffee shop again.

Remember to research the different kinds of coffee beans, blends, even equipment as these are all important to achieving what would be the best brew for you. You’re going to have to do with a bit of trial and error until you find the blends that really work well for you. But hey, it’s going to be worth it.

Source: Martini House


What Is Draught Beer?

Beer is inarguably one of the most popular beverages around the world. Even though it is commonly sold in bars where people sit to make merry or discuss business, people have it in their fridges and kitchen counters all the time nowadays.

However, there are various kinds of beer, specifically depending on the ingredients they are made from and the companies that make them. Beer can also be bottled, can, or stored in a pressurized barrel and served into glasses from a tap, which is where draught beer comes in.


Well, draught beer, which is the main focus of this article, is different from other beers in several ways. So what exactly is draught beer? Better yet, is draught beer better than bottled beer or is the opposite true? What are some of the important things you should know about it as a beer lover? Here are some pointers that seek to answer these questions for you.

The Name

Draught beer, pronounced as “draft beer”, is not just any kind of beer. It is a beer that is served from pressurized containers: a cask or keg via a tap. In the past, long before modernity, beer was stored and served from the barrel and it is until the 20th century that draught beer began being served from pressurized containers. The name draught originated from the word “Dragan”, which means pull or draw, and has since been known all around the world.

Draught Beer Is Of High Quality

Many avid drinkers of draft beer argue that it is more flavorsome as compared to beer served from bottles due to various reasons. The last thing you’d want to have is oxidized beer because it’s flat and loses its taste. For one, the sealing of the pressurized cask is said to reduce the level of oxygen in the beverage, which is one of the reasons behind the freshness an increased flavor in draught beer.

Draught Beer Is Of High Quality

Another thing that often tampers with the quality of beer is its exposure to excess sunlight. This reduces the shelf life of beer, and having it in a steel keg helps a lot. Also, the sense of smell while taking a drink is very important as it enhances the taste, and since you have to drink it using a glass, draught beer gives you a great experience of taste and smell as your take you sips gently and enjoy every moment of it.


Having known how draught beer is served, it’s shelf-life is highly determined by the beer’s packaging and a bar’s sanitation. If carbonation and cleanliness are not observed, they are likely to tamper with the shelf-life of draught beer. Cleaning has to be done regularly to prevent the development of mold and bacteria, which are harmful to the beer, as well as its consumers.

Also worth noting, is the fact that unlike bottled beer, draught beer is mostly unpasteurized. And the fact that it is served from keg increases the chances of its perishability. In other words, the shelf-life of draft (draught) beer is limited in a way and the golden rule, therefore, is that once opened, it should be consumed within 3 days if you want it fresh. To ensure that draught beer is served in its best quality, bars should:

  • Store in a cool place far from where sunlight can reach and refrigerate it as well to a standard temperature of 120C.
  • Have your beer settle for at least 24 hrs after transportation before you serve to your clients to avoid too much foam.
  • Always maintain cleanliness to prevent contamination.


Draught beer has gained a lot of popularity and is becoming a favorite of many. Generally, draught beer is bought at a faster rate, which means that you will most likely consume it fresh. Did you know that draught beer could have some health benefits? Perhaps not.

But here is the thing: when draught beer is consumed in limited amounts, it can help in preventing kidney stones and reducing the risk of heart disease. Minimal amounts are also thought to help improve blood pressure and boost cardiovascular health.

Draught beer

In summary, draught beer has won people’s hearts and its high demand in countries such as China and India will see it make great sales in the coming years. The draught beer industry will keep growing as long as the quality of beer will keep improving to attract more drinkers. What you need to be careful about is the amount of draught beer you consume so you don’t end up experiencing the negative side effects that come with it.

Source: Martini House

9 types of exotic

Your Foreign Beverage Bucket List: 9 Types Of Exotic Soda You Should Try Sometime

You might gag on garlic Cola, but Brazilian soda sounds tempting, right? Here’s your exotic soda bucket list. Buy these drinks online or try while traveling.

Have you visited your local market and tried EVERY flavor of Jarritos? Are you craving for more?


From pineapple and coconut combos to melon flavors, the world has many different soda flavors to try.

If you love to try new foods and flavors while traveling, you should definitely consider these exotic sodas.

You might gag on garlic Cola, but Brazilian soda sounds tempting, right? Try these drinks during your world travels or order them online and taste from the comfort of your home.

Your Exotic Soda Bucketlist

You probably have a destination bucket list or even an adventure bucket list, but have you considered creating a soda bucket list?

Before you take that scary skydive, be sure to try one of these delicious (or interesting) sodas.

1. Guarana Antarctica

Guarana Antarctica

Guarana, a plant native to the Amazon basin in Brazil, has been known to have more caffeine than coffee, thus making it a popular energy supplement.

Native legends even say that the first guarana plant sprouted from the eye of an infant god. Today, 70% of guarana produced is used by the beverage industry in soft and energy drinks, while the remaining 30% is turned into powder.

It is known to have numerous health benefits, such as antioxidants, pain relief, and heart health. It has also been said to promote weight loss, reduce constipation, reduce fatigue, and improve focus.

 Guarana soda is Brazil’s national drink, and it’s definitely not something you should miss.

2. Mezzo Mix

Mezzo Mix

This German soda is a national treasure. Mezzo Mix, sold in Germany and Austria, is a combination of Coca Cola and Fanta Orange.

The original combination, named Spezi, was created in Augsburg, Germany by Brauhaus Riegele since 1956, which was first a type of beer. Riegele claimed that he was the only one to use real orange and lemon juice. The recipe also includes mandarin oil and orange blossom extract.

The Coca Cola Company introduced their version of the classic drink in 1973, and it is still widely popular today. When in Germany, pair your Mezzo Mix with a doner, a German-adopted Turkish kebab similar to a Gyro. It’s delicious!

3. Sweet Blossom & Lavender

Sweet Blossom & Lavender soda

Want to know what spring tastes like? Try the Sweet Blossom & Lavender soda in Bulgaria. Made from Bulgarian Lavender flowers, this soda gives you the crisp, clean taste of spring!

The same company creates flavors from Elderflower, Jasmine, and Rose as well.

4. Mauby Fizz

Mauby Fizz

Taste the Caribbean with the Mauby Fizz. This soda gets its flavor from Mauby, a type of tree bark. Its taste is initially sweet, with a bitter aftertaste.

Fun fact: it has been known to act as an unexpected laxative to many first-time drinkers. It is available in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Guyana, Bermuda, Barbados, and Anguilla.

5. Bundaberg Passionfruit

Bundaberg Passionfruit

Looking to travel down under? Allow your tastebuds to take the long haul flight to Australia by trying Bundaberg. This fermented drink is comparable to kombucha and contains small traces of alcohol.

The drinks are naturally brewed products, and the process uses natural yeast which feeds on sugars and ferments the ‘brew’ to be used as a base.

Alcohol is a by-product of this fermentation process. Bundaberg Sparkling Passion Fruit is even brewed with real passion fruit for up to two days to extract maximum flavor.

Allow this drink to take you to a fresh passionfruit vine in Queensland.

6. Fanta Melon Frosty

Fanta Melon Frosty

Featured at Disney’s Epcot park and the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, GA, Fanta Melon Frosty has become a worldwide sensation.

It is so popular that there was a petition created on Change.org to bring it to the United States. This Japanese soda is the number one beverage in Thailand has raving reviews on Trip Advisor and Disney forums from people all over the world.

This delicious drink will cost you a plane ticket to Asia, so make sure to bring a suitcase stocked full on your return flight. (Or you can find it online).

7. Inca Kola

Yearning to visit Machu Picchu? Take a trip with Inca Kola. Inca Kola soda is the national soft drink of Peru. It’s yellowish color and bubble gum taste is unique among sodas.

This treasure was created in Peru in 1935 by British immigrant Joseph Robinson Lindley using lemon verbena. The Golden Kola is now viewed as a symbol of pride for the Peruvian people.

It is the only brand to outsell Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola combined volume in a national market. The flavor is said to be so unique that everyone tastes something different. Try one today and tell us what flavor it is for you

8. Curry Soda

Curry Soda

Japan seems to have an interesting variety of sodas to try. If you love the savory flavors of curry and the sweet flavors of lemonade, Curry Ramune is perfect for you.

Ramune is the Japanese transliteration of the English word “lemonade” and is a fun soda beverage often drunk during festivals. It can also be poured over meals, such as fried chicken and rice, or used in sauces.

9. Garlic Cola

Garlic Cola

Garlic has been known to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. It may even prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

You can easily add it to your food to achieve these health benefits, but the Japanese decided to bottle it up and drink it.

This product is specifically from the garlic center of the garlic capital of Japan, also known as ‘Garlic Town,’ Sannohe Districts’ Takko Town.

Supposedly, during the July garlic harvest, the entire town picks up the bulb’s pungent smell. With so much garlic, they needed to find something to do with their additional crops. Would you try it?

If you’re heading abroad to any one of these countries, enjoy an exotic soda with your meal. You won’t regret it. But you don’t need a passport to try international foods and drinks.

You can order Latin American items from the comfort of your couch and have it sent right to your door. Please don’t forget to bookmark our site to never miss any of our latest posts!

Source: martinihouse.com


Benefits of Drinking Tea On a Daily Basis

For many years around the globe, tea has been ranked as the most consumed beverage. It is a timeless drink and has a refreshing taste that just never fades. Different cultures around the world have embraced tea. How many times when you visit your folks are you offered tea?

Unlike many other beverages, tea has managed to beat the odds. It has found its way in both formal and informal places. There’s a high likelihood of finding tea breaks in offices, learning institutions, farms among other sectors. Did you know that the simple cup of tea you take every morning at home, work or during your leisure is beneficial to your health?

The following are the benefits of drinking tea on a daily basis.

1. Keeps You Hydrated.

The high percentage of the body constitutes water. It is therefore important to maintain the fluid level in your body. The herbal and caffeine-free teas e.g.Sencha tea are good sources of fluids for hydration. This forms an important aspect of your digestion.

Your body should be adequately hydrated for a smooth digestive process. In this case, digestion related problems like constipation are rare. The non-herbal teas also contain caffeine. If taken moderately, the tea would also be a good hydrating source.


2. Tea Promotes Dental Care

Green Tea has components that fight harmful oral bacteria and prevent inflammations. You may be taking tea for sheer enjoyment, but it is beneficial to your general oral health. These include:

Good Breath. The unpleasant breath may lower your self-esteem. Green tea kills the harmful bacteria in your mouth that cause an irritable smell. It leaves you with a better and comfortable breath.

Prevention from tooth decay. Green tea contains fluoride that strengthens your teeth. The antioxidants found in tea also fight the harmful bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria may cause cavities and gum infection

Prevents Cavity. Dental plaque leads to mouth cavities. Green tea like the Sencha tea reduces the acidic nature of saliva and renders the plaque harmless your teeth.

Healthy gums. The presence of harmful bacteria in your mouth may lead to gum inflammation. Daily consumption of tea will guarantee you healthy gums.


3. Weight Loss

Are you struggling with weight loss? Sencha tea is the ideal remedy. It contains an antioxidant substance that boosts body metabolism (the process by which the body converts food or drink into energy). Energy is required for breaking the fat in your body.

Drink Sencha Tea from Mind Body to burn the fats that may cause obesity. For this achievement, the broken fat cells should be absorbed in your bloodstream first. Green tea is less processed and contains catechins which are components that are associated with weight loss.


4. Boosts Your Immune System

A good immune system will shield you from all possible diseases and infections. You may, however, be prone to these diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Green tea has antioxidant properties that strengthen the immune system. Tea eliminates common disease-causing compounds called free radicals.

Polyphenols are antioxidants found in green tea. They perform an anti-inflammatory role in the body. They make significant and vital changes to the immune system. These allow rapid and timely response to the threat of an autoimmune disease like arthritis.


5. Skin Protection

There are various life-threatening skin diseases like skin cancer. The human skin is very sensitive and requires at most care. You should drink tea on a daily basis to prevent skin damage caused by the Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.

Did you know that green tea has anti-cancerous properties? The skin, when exposed to the ultraviolet rays, rapidly responds naturally. Green tea supplies the body with antioxidants that prevent the response of the skin towards the UV rays.

Green tea is also effective for the treatment of Acne. This is a skin infection characterized by blockage of pores on your skin. These pores are either white or black in color. They may appear on your skin as painful, swollen bumps or pimples. Green tea has antioxidants that act against acne. You should take a minimum of 4 cups of green tea in a day for the effect to be felt.cozy-tea

6. It Lowers Cholesterol Level

The herbal and traditional teas comprise antioxidants that eliminate free radicals present in your body. The body has two different types of proteins:

High-densityLipoprotein (HDL). This is considered “good” as it delivers cholesterol to the liver for excretion.

Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL). This is considered “bad “as it is responsible for the presence of cholesterol in the body.

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea lowers the ad’ (LDL) cholesterol levels in the body. The meta-analysis was from a published report. The research was conducted to establish the effect of green tea extract on cholesterol.

7. Reduce Risk of Stroke

A stroke is caused by the interruption or a burst of the vein responsible for the supply of blood to the brain. However, there’s a high chance of preventing stroke. Did you know that black tea can reduce the risk of stroke? This is according to the data from The US National Library of Medicine.

The research shows that black tea and stroke are inversely related. The meta-analysis by theNational Institutes of Health suggests daily consumption of a minimum of four cups of black tea.

8. May Improve Eyesight

You may have heard of the many ways of improving your eyesight and focus. Well, tea is important for a great vision. Black tea contains L-theanine, which is an amino acid and caffeine. L-theanine enhances the visual acuity of the brain.

The visual activity leads to the relaxation of the eyes, thus a better vision and accurate focus. According to research findings by the National Institutes of Health, regular intake of caffeine leads to accuracy, attention, focus, and alertness. These effects may vary depending on the rate or level of consumption.


The above information stipulates why the goodness of tea extends beyond just the taste. The greatest health benefits associated with this drink cannot go unnoticed. What would hold you back from drinking tea on a daily basis? The realization of these benefits will be the beginning of your experience with tea.