Are Nutter Butters Vegan: The Truth Will Surprise You

Many converted vegans find the shift a little difficult. Vegans born from vegan families are quite accustomed to the food selection. However, those who have just turned vegan, especially on the initial part, have crazy, crazy cravings over the selections from the previous diet. Meat, sweets, and dairy are among the most common cravings! Are nutter butters vegan, you ask?

Maybe you want to grab a bite of your old favorite cookie, but you are quite unsure if it is vegan-friendly or it will not fit your current lifestyle choice. With a thin line crossing veganism and vegetarianism, it can be confusing at times.

But before you grab that cookie, wipe that drool first and find out if you can have as much nutter butter as you like!

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Are Nutter Butters Vegan?


If you used to love nutter butters, or if you love peanuts and cookies all at the same time, I hate to inform you that they are made in a factory that handles milk. However, the end product itself does not contain milk, but the manufacturer clearly states that the product may have had contact with milk.

To show respect for the vegan population, they indicated on the label that this product might have had cross contact with dairy products. Are nutter butters safe for a vegan? Well, it’s really up to you and how you define your diet.

For some traditional vegans, a cross-contact with any animal or dairy product may be unacceptable. However, if a cross-contact does not concern you, then dig in. Drown yourself in a sea of nutter butters!

Also, this preference unlocks more goodies! Now, to be sure about the treats you select, here are some guidelines that will help you get through the election process.

How To Select Vegan Treats

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you are sure about every food product that you consume? When you are watching out a few ingredients from your exclusive food choices, you need to be careful about selecting it. So, here are a few tricks to help you with your grocery.

Read the label.

Reading the label is a great practice for vegans. Labels are there to tell us what’s inside packed, canned, and other processed food. It’s a way to confirm if it suits your diet! If you have food allergies, the label can tell you that products may not be safe for you.

Behind the product label, you will see the full list of ingredients it has. Cookies and other sweet treats would specify on the label if they were processed on equipment that also processes milk.

If you are on the traditional side, stay away from them. If not, you have a long list of selection ahead of you!

Walk away from unlabeled products.

You may find some goodies that don’t have a full list of ingredients on the label. It may be tempting, especially if it’s one of your old favorites. However, without a label, there’s just no way to be sure, right?

Another thing that may concern you about foodstuff that doesn’t have labels are allergies. There’s simply no way to find out if it has something you may be allergic to!

Say no to dairy.

If it says dairy, it’s out. It’s a little unfortunate that many desserts do include milk and butter on them. But there are specialty stores that would cater your preferences!

Find Specialty Stores

It’s a fact that a lot of sweet treats contain milk or traces of milk. If a product that had contact with milk, no matter how little, is unacceptable for you, you may want to hunt the nearest vegan specialty store on the block. There are some apps that can help you find them.

Veganism may sound a little too exclusive for some, but there are people who take it seriously and had actually set up some specialty store to help fellow vegans and make a living out of it.

A specialty vegan store may have everything you need from snacks, treats, desserts, and main courses.

Final Thoughts


Cookies and other sweet treats are quite a common craving for everyone. However, for vegans, food selection is not something that would not be thoughtfully considered. There are restrictions that are followed.

There are considerations that you need to carefully put your mind into to, before devouring packs of cookies. Are you a traditional vegan that would not consume anything that had contact with dairy or other animal products?

Or, are you a vegan who doesn’t mind cross contact? If you are the latter, a long list of sweet treats is unlocked for you!

Many cookies and other sweet treats are made without milk but were manufactured on equipment that processes milk. This may be unacceptable for some. But for most, this is something we can live with!

Are nutter butters vegan? Well, it depends on what type of vegan you are.


Joseph P Demars
Joseph P Demars
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