Alarm Monitoring Systems Your Restaurant Needs

Losing your restaurant’s valuables to a preventable incident is usually hard to take. Be it a fire break out, a burglar intrusion, looting or vandalism incident; your business premises are always at constant risk. Thankfully, restaurant owners have a number of security options to safeguard their investments against such situations- namely, alarm monitoring systems. Whether you manage/own a small cafe or a large-capacity eatery, here are some alarm monitoring security systems that you should consider investing in for maximum safety.

Fire Detection Alarm Systems

One of the surest ways to ensure your employees’ safety is by investing in a fire detection alarm system. Most modern fire alarm systems offered by security companies have secondary capabilities; for instance, activating the restaurant’s emergency evacuation systems upon the detection of fire. Additional services that you may be accorded after installation of your commercial alarm system include testing and inspection services, as well as maintenance and repair services. When it comes to choosing a company to install commercial fire systems at your restaurant, it would be wiser to opt for a local-based brand, as opposed to a national one. According to an online article that analyzes commercial security system service providers, a local brand is more likely to accord you personalized and top notch installation and monitoring services. In addition, a local-based company is much more likely to be aware of the local and state fire monitoring compliance requirements and fire codes.

Video Alarm Verification Systems

Video alarm verification systems are an improvement on traditional alarm systems, which more often than not, tend to send out false alarms. With law enforcement services being a business at the end of the day, local police departments are continually giving low priority to traditional alarms. This is in an effort to cut down on ‘wasted resources’ in terms of finances and manpower used in responding to false alerts. The problem, however, is that traditional alarms are- at times- correct. With such slow police response time, this leaves your restaurant premises highly exposed to unresolved theft; as the intruder is usually highly likely to have fled by the time local law enforcement officers arrive on the scene. Video Alarm Verification Systems solve this challenge by leveraging the latest digital security technology to increase the accuracy of burglar alarms; thus increasing the likelihood of faster police response times.


Intrusion Security Alarm Systems

One simple and affordable way to protect your restaurant from break-ins after the business is closed is by investing in an intrusion detection system. You should consider contracting a security expert/consultant for insight into the strategic placement of detection systems within your business premises. Alternatively, you could opt to contract a local security company and have them do the job for you; as they usually incorporate industry-standard detection technology in their service packages. What’s more, such companies are usually just a call away, should you need maintenance services for your intruder alarm devices.


It is important to note that the type of alarm system you need at your restaurant may depend on the size of the premises. For a large restaurant facility, for example, you may need to invest in complex fire and intruder alarm systems.

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Joseph P Demars
Joseph P Demars
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