7 Easy Vegan Crescent Roll Recipes You Can Make in a Jiffy

7 Easy Vegan Crescent Roll Recipes

Are you a vegan who love to eat baked goodies, specifically crescent roll? We don’t blame you! After all, that savory flavor and fluffy texture are hard to resist! Well, that can be a complicated position to be in, right? Well, before you give up on eating crescent rolls altogether, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of vegan crescent roll recipes that you can try.

If you wish to make crescent rolls that are vegan-friendly, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will show you few recipes that you may wish to try. And of course, we have one tip to share with you!

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How to Make Vegan Rotini Pasta Recipes in Two Easy Ways


Rotini pasta, also known as the corkscrew pasta, has become the go-to type of pasta for dishes that have chunky and thick sauces. This is because its spiral can be able to trap the sauce which can deliver a flavorful punch. But how do you make vegan rotini recipes?

If you are a pasta lover and a vegan, the most common problem that you will encounter is how to make these dishes without cheese? Well, worry not as we will be solving this problem in this article. If you wish to try out vegan rotini pasta recipes, here are two recipes that you may want to try.

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