7 Easy Vegan Crescent Roll Recipes You Can Make in a Jiffy

7 Easy Vegan Crescent Roll Recipes

Are you a vegan who love to eat baked goodies, specifically crescent roll? We don’t blame you! After all, that savory flavor and fluffy texture are hard to resist! Well, that can be a complicated position to be in, right? Well, before you give up on eating crescent rolls altogether, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of vegan crescent roll recipes that you can try.

If you wish to make crescent rolls that are vegan-friendly, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will show you few recipes that you may wish to try. And of course, we have one tip to share with you!

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How to Make Vegan Rotini Pasta Recipes in Two Easy Ways


Rotini pasta, also known as the corkscrew pasta, has become the go-to type of pasta for dishes that have chunky and thick sauces. This is because its spiral can be able to trap the sauce which can deliver a flavorful punch. But how do you make vegan rotini recipes?

If you are a pasta lover and a vegan, the most common problem that you will encounter is how to make these dishes without cheese? Well, worry not as we will be solving this problem in this article. If you wish to try out vegan rotini pasta recipes, here are two recipes that you may want to try.

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What to Serve with Stroganoff? The Answer You Need is Right Here!


Beef Stroganoff has been the go-to comfort food for many people. Some say that the dish originated from Russia, but despite its origin, a lot of Americans are enjoying this dish.

But with its meaty and flavorful taste, some people prefer pairing it with a side dish that can balance off or at least, tame the flavor. But what to serve with stroganoff? What is the kind of side dish that would go well with this dish? This article will tell you the answer that you are looking for!

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Can Vegans Eat Yeast? Here is The Complete Explanation!


The eating guide for vegans is quite complicated. There are some ingredients which many people find it difficult to determine if it is suitable for a vegan diet or not. One of these ingredients is yeast. Some people think it is vegan while some argue that it is now. So, can vegans eat yeast?

By determining if the yeast is vegan, it will be easier for us to determine if we are allowed to eat some types of bread or drink certain types of alcoholic drinks. Well, there are lots of things that we should take into consideration before we can answer that and we are going to tackle all of that in this article.

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Are Pretzels Vegan? The Surprising Answer is Right Here!


A pretzel is one of the most popular America’s comfort food. You can find it almost everywhere-theaters, stadiums, parks, and many more. Because of its wide availability, it has become the go-to snack option wherever you are. But are pretzels vegan?

If you are a vegan, then you may be having some doubts whether or not a pretzel is suitable for your diet. Does it contain animal byproducts? Does it have any ingredients that you should shy away from? Well, let us break down the answers in this short article!

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Are Nutter Butters Vegan: The Truth Will Surprise You


Many converted vegans find the shift a little difficult. Vegans born from vegan families are quite accustomed to the food selection. However, those who have just turned vegan, especially on the initial part, have crazy, crazy cravings over the selections from the previous diet. Meat, sweets, and dairy are among the most common cravings! Are nutter butters vegan, you ask?

Maybe you want to grab a bite of your old favorite cookie, but you are quite unsure if it is vegan-friendly or it will not fit your current lifestyle choice. With a thin line crossing veganism and vegetarianism, it can be confusing at times.

But before you grab that cookie, wipe that drool first and find out if you can have as much nutter butter as you like!

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Is Food Coloring Vegan? Shatter Your Doubts!


Color is something that stimulates us. Back when we were little, color was one of the first things we were thought. As we grow, we were fascinated with it and had associated it with many other things like clothes and foods. Is food coloring vegan?

Color makes the food enticing. Won’t we agree that a salad looks beautiful with the many colors of the different ingredients it has?

But now you are wondering if food coloring is safe for vegan consumption. Maybe you are cooking for a group of fellow vegans, and you want to make sure that you will not violate everyone’s food preference.

Now, let’s find out!

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